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Uke Buying Tips

Some many ukuleles, so few kidneys to sell. I’ve written a few articles that I hope will help you make the right ukulele choice and keep the body parts sold to a minimum. If you’ve got any tips to share yourself, please do leave them in the comments. Best ukuleles for Beginners Tips on the […]

Ukulele Books/DVDs

Books Beginners Ukulele for Dummies A completely biased recommendation since I wrote it. But it is definitely the most comprehensive beginner ukulele book around. Find out about it here. Read reviews here. Buy it on Amazon US Buy it on Amazon UK It’s also worth picking up a chord dictionary like Mel Bay’s Ukulele Chords […]

Ukulele Brands

An exhaustive list of ukuleles available with videos, reviews and history.

Ukulele Luthiers

If you’re after something a bit more special and unique than the usual, run of the mill ukulele you might want to look at buying a ukulele from a luthier. Akulele Bean Sprout Black Bear Candelas JC Clark Rob Collins Compass Rose Ukulele Da Silva Ukuleles DeVine Ukuleles Emerald Guitars Jupiter Creek Ukulele William King/ […]

Ukulele Strings

Using good quality strings on your ukulele can make a big difference to the way they sound. New ukuleles often come with low quality strings – which can make them sound disappointing straight out of the box. Changing them for something like Worth or Aquila will improve the sound a great deal. Buying ukulele strings […]

Unusual Ukuleles

The ukulele has gone through quite a few different designs since the first Hawaiian makers. Here are a few of them. Banjo Ukuleles Bass Ukulele Bell Shaped Ukulele Cigar Box Ukulele Electric Ukulele Flying V Ukuleles Left Handed Ukulele Plastic Ukulele SpongeBob SquarePants Ukulele Tahitian Ukulele

Ukulele Accessories

Capo External Pickups Felt Picks Humidifier Pitch Pipes Stands Straps and Thongs Tuners Wall Hangers


The ukulele really is associated with some useless tat. So this section of the site wouldn’t be complete without a look at some of the junk the ukulele is associated with. Dashboard Dolls Obama Ukulele Dashboard Doll Christmas Ornaments a href=”” title=”Ukulele Pictures”>Ukulele Pictures

Ukulele Related Instruments

Cavaquinho – The ukulele’s Brazilian cousin. Charango – The Bolivian super-ukulele. Guitarlele – A cross between a guitar and ukulele. Ukelin – A cross between the ukulele and the violin.