Felt Picks

Generally speaking, guitar picks are too heavy and firm for the nylon strings of the ukulele and will spoil the tone.

For people who want to use a pick. A felt pick will create a better sound. If you have to use a plastic pick-up make it a very thin one.

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  1. Otter November 25th, 2011 3:43 pm

    they have a class sound on nylon strings.. they are messy though your uke gets covered in dusty fibers brilliant sound though a guy in my local music shop give me 1 wen i bought my uke nd im glad he did they are deadly

  2. Charles Calderon January 22nd, 2012 10:47 am

    Another very nice option is the Rubber pick by Wedgie. It comes in levels of stiffness, and 2 thicknesses. They have less string squeak than felt, and have the same attack as fingers without a nail, or a thumb stroke. You get the control of a pick if you’re so inclined. The rubber can wear out if you play a wound C.

  3. Tim May 19th, 2013 12:30 am

    I find most felt picks are too stiff, to me. The rubber picks tend to stick to the strings. Plastic is rough on nylon strings. Leather can be good, but seems to get too soft,too quickly, for the cost.

    My favorite is some Talina Gray picks I got from Ukulele World, but they don’t seem available anymore (?). They are a large thumbprint shaped felt pick. They match the curve of a quarter at the larger end. Fairly soft, will easily flex about thirty degrees when playing. I’m glad I stocked up when I could.

  4. Alex October 20th, 2013 4:17 am

    I bought some felts picks from Bolopicks off of ebay and I love them. No stress on my fingers, what little there was but I really prefer using my fingers and I kinda just pull them out and use them when I feel like showing that I bought felt picks. But $3 for 3 picks wasn’t bad.

  5. Megan February 19th, 2015 6:43 pm

    i just got a Uke and i was wondering what the best pick would be for my money. i know picks are cheap, but i just dont want to get one that will damage my Ukulele.

  6. Donald Bruner July 20th, 2015 7:17 pm

    To be honest, my favorite pick is one I made from a folded up post-it note. Works like a charm. It doesn’t make a loud “click” noise like a playing card does.

  7. Robert Shirley May 4th, 2016 10:22 pm

    does anyone do anything to reshape or soften felt picks?

  8. frank butters July 11th, 2017 8:23 am

    prefer a felt plectrum remember to strum using the wrist too many uke players use a strum motion from their elbow this causes a hard strumming action a wrist action strum takes time to develop it gives better control and avoids a harsh sound the technique is worth trying tell me how it goes happy playing fellow ukers keep the tradition alive what about alternative tuning l use DGBE and play guitar chords instead comments please as a guitarist it works for me you can use F AND DFORMS TO ADVANTAGE AND USE THE WHOLE NECK AS WELL AS A CAPO IT’S it’s all good down under happy strumming guys and gals frankie boyx

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