Ukulele Stand

If you’ve got a whole bunch of ukuleles around, it gets to the point where you really need to think about how to store them. They take up a fair bit of table space and can get scratched (quick hint: the experts recommend you put ukuleles face down on the table – that way it rests on the strings and the wood doesn’t get scratched) and putting it on the floor is definitely a bad idea if there’s someone as clumsy as me around.

There are very few dedicated ukulele stands around. But a mandolin stand will do the job just as well and they’re much easier to get hold of.

Pub Prop

The pub prop is a useful little kajigger particularly if you’re gigging. It’s a type of hanger that you can latch on to a mic stand or a table and keep your ukulele on. Here’s a quick video of it.

And here are some available on eBay UK.

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  1. Chris January 20th, 2011 5:26 am

    The Stagg Violin Stand makes a great ukulele stand. Rubber coated to prevent scratches to the instrument. Very compact, lightweight, foldable, and adjustable neck height to correctly hold the neck of any size ukulele. One nice extra is there is a bar which can be closed in front of the stand’s neck brace once the instrument is in the stand, to prevent your ukulele from being accidentally knocked out of the stand. carries them and also sells them on Ebay. Cost is about $24.95 which includes shipping. Also you can see them at where they use them to hold some of their photographed ukuleles.

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