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Blackbird guitars are a San Francisco company who make their instruments from carbon fiber (and a bit of kevlar if your uke playing is so bad getting shot is a serious danger). That means they’re waterproof, tough and loud. They have one ukulele, a tenor. But the technology doesn’t come cheap. Their website lists it at $1,180.

On Video

Jake Shimabukuro tests out the Blackbird tenor ukulele.

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  1. Jackson January 22nd, 2014 3:59 am

    This has to be the most amazing uke I’ve ever played. It’s loud, and well balanced. Doesn’t sound like a plastic uke. The neck is smooth and fast. The best thing about it is, weather can’t hurt it. It’s the uke that gets played the most since it doesn’t need to live in a case with a humidifier.

    It was even in a thunderstorm/rainstorm last summer while camping.

    Good people, responsive and pleasant. Worth it IMO

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