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Mainland Ukuleles are a small business based in Nashville, Indiana. They were started by Mike Hater (who goes by HoosierHiver online) and his wife Tootka. Mike’s been very involved in the ukulele community through forums and the Ukulele World Congress festival which has made him and Mainland much loved.

You can find out more about them at

On Video

Thako van den Heuvel plays an original tune on his Mainland Classic Mahogany Tenor ukulele


John Garland shares his thoughts on the Mainland Red Cedar Soprano.

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  1. John September 22nd, 2015 8:24 pm

    i sent back my mainland soprano due to what i saw inside.the block for the neck was cut rough and had a splintered edge,i observed webs of glue and could see a piece of what looked like scrap binding stuck down inside at the bottom.i sent two e mails and got no personal response back.i was not refunded shipping costs which would normally happen only under these circumstances i.e. getting a less than grade a instrument.its a shame because i liked how it looked outside.i would have welcomed a replacement but it was never offered.

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