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The National Company are most famous for make steel, resonator instruments. These instruments produce plenty of volume. Even the tiny ukulele creates a huge sound.

The company began producing instruments in the 1920s and their design shows it. Some of the best instruments are designed in a heavily art deco style. Many National ukuleles will be engraved – sometimes highly elaborately.

The 1920s reso-phonic ukuleles are one of the ukes I intend to add to my collection once I win the lottery (admittedly, that’s a very long list)

On Video

Bob Brozman has a huge collection of vintage resonator instruments including this ukulele. Even on video, you can get an idea of the volume it’s capable of producing.

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  1. Kit Wells June 7th, 2011 7:08 pm

    I bought a (new) Ashbury ‘soprano’ resonator Dobro type ukulele from Pick and Boch in Lyons, France, recently for 260 euros. great case with it too. I just love this ukulele to bits! What a high but mellow sound it has. I must admit to playing it frailing and dropdown thumb style as I learnt on a banjer but, hell, it sounds so good!
    Plus it is so easy to play. If you are having problems with banjo playing, just put it aside and get a uke! Lovely informative and accessible web site by the way guys.

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