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Peavey are best known as a maker of amplifiers. But they do also dabble in making ukuleles. They have three models: Composer (solid spruce top), Student and a Jack Daniels branded uke (same as the the Composer model but with a big JD stamp on it).

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Uncle Raggy enthusiastically reviews his Peavey Composer uke.

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  1. Beatrice February 27th, 2018 10:30 am

    I am jsut starting to learn, I have bought Pevey Composer and I couldn´t be more satisfied. It sounds nice, the tuning keeps better than my classmates´ukuleles (they all have Everdeen which was actually the name recommended by our teachers), and it was not the most expensive ukulele in the shop (paid 599 swedish crowns). Very good purchase.

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