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Road Toad ukuleles (headed by Owen Jones Keoholaumakani Holt, Jr.) are most famous for their innovative bass ukulele (which has since gone mainstream in the form of the Kala UBass). But they also make more standard ukuleles. Although ‘standard’ is a relative term as they are always coming with interesting new designs. One notable design feature is their logo: fashioned after a toad that was flattened when trying to cross the road – a refreshing change from the usual petroglyphs most ukulele makers seem to choose.

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Featuring a Bufo Road Toad bass ukulele.

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  1. Sam December 10th, 2013 5:14 pm

    I have got to be honest, I have only ever picked up a Road Toad uke once, a friend of mine used part of his uncle’s inheritance (his uncle having been a huge ukulele fan) to get himself one of these instruments. He didn’t get the Ubass, he got the sharkfin tenor with the low-G hilo strings. In comment, though supremely pricey, I would never recommend them to beginners, they are a very, very nice sounding ukulele. My friend has luckily asked me to teach him how to finger pick, so I have been lucky enough to pick this ukulele up, albeit for a few little picks at the strings, the sound quality is technically outstanding, probably the best, it looks beautiful as an ornament (but why would you do that to such a fine instrument!?), and I found the sharkfin design, though very tricky to get a good hold on, was inspired. It has been constructed very well, the neck was very thin and a mandolin capo wouldn’t fit around it. However, as far as I am concerned, a very well built instrument with a high quality sound and distinct stand-out design, then this is one to watch out for. The only two things I could pick up on that was wrong with it was the gastronomical price (this being said, the design, etc. probably justifies the price), and the playability based almost entirely on the fact I couldn’t hold it as well as a normal ukulele.

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