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Moselele Ukulele

Moselele wasn’t originally a ukulele manufacturer but a ukulele group from Mosley (in Birmingham, UK). They set out to make an affordable, playable ukulele for new group members. They’re well reviewed and are a favourite with many. On Video GotAUkulele’s review of the Moselele’s Bambookulele concert ukulele. On Amazon UK

Lani Ukulele

Lani are a UK based company (from Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire) selling mid-priced ukuleles. On Video Baz of Got a Ukulele reviews his Lani LC-55MOCEQ Electro Concert On Amazon UK

Korala Ukulele

Korala are a Malaysian company making cheap and cheerful (and sometimes garish) intro-level ukuleles mostly made of polycarbonate plastic. On Video Baz from Got a Ukulele reviews his Korala Explore concert ukulele. On Amazon UK

iUke Ukulele

Makers of the ultra-tiny iUke Piccolo a solid-top, laminate-sides sopranino ukulele. On Video Ukulelezaza and his buddies jam on their iUkes. Video Review Baz from Got a Ukulele on his iUke Piccolo. On Amazon UK

Epiphone Ukulele

Epiphone make a huge range of instruments. The ukulele they’re most famous for making is their Les Paul style uke. Which is not well loved by reviewers. Video Review Baz Maz really lays into the Epiphone Les Paul. On Amazon UK

PukanaLa Ukulele

Respected Taiwanese company with a large range of ukuleles including beginner ukulele range Puka ukuleles. On Video Bruce Shimabukuro shows of a PukanaLa at NAMM. On eBay

Kahuna Ukuleles

Kahuna Ukuleles are a relative newcome. They have a large range of colourful and graphical soprano ukuleles aimed at beginners. Along with a few more expensive concert ukes. You can learn more about them at On Video A test of the Kahuna KUC21M.

Manea Ukuleles

Manea Ukuleles are a Hawaii-based ukulele company with a particular emphasis on Polynesian culture. So as well as the standard Hawaiian-style ukulele they also sell Tahitian ukuleles. Importing them from Tahiti, The Cook Islands and Rapa Nui. Manea Ukuleles on Facebook On Video Hector Bernaldo discusses Manea’s range of ukuleles.

KoAlana Ukulele

KoAlana ukuleles are KoAloha‘s budget range of ukes. These ukuleles are still solid wood but sapele rather than koa. They are produced in China and finished in KoAloha’s Hawaii factory. The comments I’ve read on the net about them seem very positive. At their low price (under $200), they do seem like a very good […]

Hanworks Ukulele

Antoniotsai ukuleles are ornately inlaid and unbelievably cheap. However, they’re not really musical instruments but suitable as ornaments . Many people have reported some big problems with Antonio Tsai’s ukuleles and his other musical instruments. There are two threads on Ukulele Underground discussing his ukuleles (here and here) and more general discussions about his musical […]

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