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Kona Ukulele

Not to be mixed up with Kona Guitars who also, confusingly, make ukuleles. Kona Ukuleles are a South Korean company serving mainly the Asian market. Find out more on their Facebook page. Their ukes are higher-end than those of Kona Guitars. Make sure they have the distinctive Kona logo before you buy one: On Video […]

Yamaha Ukulele

Yamaha don’t have any ukuleles (at the time of writing) but they are the most popular maker of guitarleles. The guitarlele is about the same size as a tenor ukulele but has six strings (nylon – like a ukulele or classical guitar) and is tuned ADGCEA (i.e. like a guitar capoed at the fifth fret). […]

WikiWiki Ukulele

Super-cheap, Chinese made ukuleles. On Amazon UK

Titeuf Ukulele

Colourful and cheap ukuleles aimed at children. On Amazon UK

Tiger Ukulele

Cheap Mahalo-like ukuleles. Video Review DJM Music’s Tiger Union Jack Ukulele Review On Amazon UK

Rocket Ukulele

Super-cheap, low-quality ukulele. On Amazon UK

Red Star Ukulele

Cheap Mahalo-like ukulele. On Amazon UK

Pyle-Pro Ukulele

Cheap ukuleles aimed at kids. On Video Pyle-Pro PGAKT10PK Soprano Ukulele Mini Guitar Starter Package All Ages Review On Amazon UK

Pure Tone Ukulele

Cheap ukuleles for first-time buyers. On Amazon UK

Peavey Ukulele

Peavey are best known as a maker of amplifiers. But they do also dabble in making ukuleles. They have three models: Composer (solid spruce top), Student and a Jack Daniels branded uke (same as the the Composer model but with a big JD stamp on it). On Video Uncle Raggy enthusiastically reviews his Peavey Composer […]

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