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Baritone Ukulele Strings

The standard baritone ukulele strings are lower than the standard ukulele tuning. They are tuned to DGBE (the same as the top four strings of a guitar). They also differ from the standard ukulele as they are not in re-entrant tuning i.e. the strings go from low to high. That’s the information you’ll read most […]

Tenor Ukulele Strings

The biggest of the standard tuned ukuleles. As well as being longer than the other strings, they are also thicker. Tenor ukulele strings are often low-G, so make sure you check whether the strings are low-G or re-entrant before you buy them – I’ve ended up with strings I didn’t want before. The low-G string […]

Worth Ukulele Strings

Worth strings are my personal favourite ukulele strings. I think they handle finger-picking better than Aquila strings (and I do quite a lot of fingerpicking). For strumming, I think they’re fairly evenly matched. There’s also the matter of which ukulele they are on. Worths seem to sound best on mahogany instruments and Aquilas on koa. […]

Aquila Ukulele Strings

Aquila strings are one of the most popular brands of ukulele strings around, if not the most popular. They are made in Italy of their own, special Nylgut material. Nylgut is a synthetic material that is intended to combine the best qualities of nylon and gut strings (hence the name). The strings are easy to […]

Soprano Ukulele Strings

Soprano strings almost always come in re-entrant tuning. If there is no indication of whether the set is high or low G, it’s fairly safe to assume they are high-G. They will often indicate a tuning either C-tuning (gCEA) or D-tuning (aDF#B). However, which ever size is indicated, the strings will be suitable for the […]