Soprano Ukulele Strings

Soprano strings almost always come in re-entrant tuning. If there is no indication of whether the set is high or low G, it’s fairly safe to assume they are high-G.

They will often indicate a tuning either C-tuning (gCEA) or D-tuning (aDF#B). However, which ever size is indicated, the strings will be suitable for the other tuning – there’s not a great deal of difference in tension between the two.

Soprano String Comparison

The Baron tests out D’Addario J6502, then Aquila Soprano Regular, then Seaguar 100% flourcarbon fishing line

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One thing that’s caught me and others out in the past: some companies (such as D’Addario) write the string names in the opposite order i.e. BF#DA or AECG. This isn’t some strange new tuning – just the standard C and D tunings written the other way round.


  1. brian November 22nd, 2010 3:39 am

    I like the Seaguar 100% flourcarbon fishing line the best.

  2. brian November 22nd, 2010 3:40 am

    Seaguar 100% flourcarbon fishing line sounds best on your video, I mean.

  3. Rachel June 11th, 2011 3:04 am

    The D’Addarios sound quite tinny in comparison to the other two.

    Also, I love your sandwich shirt.

  4. Derrick July 6th, 2011 9:10 pm

    What gauge was the Seaguar line? I thought that sounded really nice and am going to be getting my first uke this week. I’d like to string it with that line : )

  5. Sameer November 10th, 2011 3:44 pm


    To be honest I can’t hear much difference between the different strings. I was wondering what song you were playing. I think I will get the fishing line string as I think it will last longer.

  6. Banjo Bob January 1st, 2012 7:42 pm

    Hello wife got Me a Ukulele kit I have it all done
    and it came out great . this was My 3rd Instument to build the book that came with the kit doesn’t
    tell You what string goes were two of them are thicker I play guitar and Banjo so I know size matters need some help Thanks

  7. paulmalcolm July 26th, 2012 2:06 pm

    I have just bought a Lamakai U11 which came with Aquila gut nylon strings. It keeps going out of tune, especially the C string, which is incredibly annoying. My question is, do I have to spend more time ‘breaking them in’, would it be better to change to other strings, or could the instrument itself be defective?


  8. Graeme Needham March 12th, 2014 6:11 pm

    I just bought a Kala KA-PWS and it said it came with aquila strings, it didnt, it cam with a label saying ‘this instrument is string with D’Addario strings’ I use Aquila on my concdert Uke and they are far superior strings. I even put some on my first Mahalo Uke with pleasant results. Paul Malcolm, when you first get a Uke the strings need to find their playing level and will need re-tuning just about everytime you pick it up, they will eventually ‘calm down’ when they have took up tension

  9. Marty May 17th, 2014 12:07 am

    Looking at stringing up an old soprano uke but would like some strings with a higher tension in the standard C tuning. Tried Martin, GHS & D’Addario and all seem “sloppy” – when forming especially bar chords the least bit of pressure will throw them way out of tune. Is there anything on the market like this?

  10. Bob December 8th, 2014 2:17 pm

    Of the three sets of strings used in this video the Seaguar sounded the best. As in all fish lines there are different weight tests (e.g. 10 lb./30 lb.). What weight test line did you use and did you use the same line for all four strings?

  11. L. Capra February 1st, 2015 8:22 pm

    I have a Washburn Aloha that I am going to string like a guitar-highest 4 strings. One of the original strings broke while I was switching them around. What strings would you recommend?

  12. Kelly March 9th, 2017 5:39 pm

    I play left-handed. My wife bought me a Uke, and the salesman said I just have to change the tuning and not actually even flip the strings as I’ve done on several guitars. I noticed one string is a thicker gauge than the other three. Is the salesman correct?

  13. Woodshed March 9th, 2017 5:58 pm

    Kelly: You don’t need to switch the outside two strings. They’re very similar. But I would definitely recommend switching the inside two strings.

  14. Kelly March 9th, 2017 6:40 pm

    Thanks Woodshed, I appreciate the advice!

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