Fender Pa’ina Ukulele

The Pa’ina is Fender‘s most expensive ukulele. For your money you get a solid mahogany ukulele complete with pick-up.

It has had some bad reviews from blog readers. There are plenty of good ukuleles in this price range. Take a look at Kala and Ohana.

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Price: $299.99

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Bertrand and Krouk test out Fender’s Pa’ina (the darker of the two ukes) and Nehoa ukuleles.


Size: Tenor
Construction: Solid mahogany top, back and sides.
Fretboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Tuners: Die-cast chrome, geared.


  1. Ryley February 27th, 2012 1:12 am

    First off, let me say, this is my first Ukulele. So I wont go too deep into the sound quality and all that, cause frankly, I don’t know my ass from my elbow when it come’s to that yet. However, I can recognize poor craftsmanship when it’s this obvious. I originally purchased my Pa’Ina in January 12′. By mid February, I had noticed the mahogany on the back begin to bubble up near the edge. I also noticed a small crack in the wood mid-way up the side in the waist of the body. Finally, I noticed a crack forming by the bubble on the back. So I had the instrument sent back to Fender, and it was promptly replaced with a new Pa’Ina. I was thrilled, until I got home and inspected the new one. The wood for the body was at least a quarter of a milliliter thicker than the original, and had a completely different tone. I could just be imagining it, but it sounded like it didn’t project quite as well. The finish on the mahogany was applied much heavier on the new one. The pieces that make up the rosette are about an inch long, and there is a gap between each one, the largest being about a half a milliliter wide, noticeable from a bit of a distance. the bridge saddle is crooked, the bridge itself is glued on slightly crooked, and the slot for the saddle was clearly not sanded after being routed, as there are bits of wood sticking out, the finish is spotty on the bottom of the bridge. The fretboard had a slot drilled for a fret which was never installed as it is only a milliliter from the bottom end of the fretboard. The slot is visible, and can be felt with a fingernail. The end of the fretboard touching the nut was not sanded well either, as it has frayed bits of rough wood sticking up. I am extremely disappointed with both of these instruments, and will be returning the new one, and buying a different ukulele pronto. I really expected better from a company like Fender. All of my other instruments are Yamaha’s, and I love every one of them, so this is my first, and last experience with Fender, I promise you that.

  2. Robert February 10th, 2013 2:27 pm

    I had a similar problem. One day I picked the instrument up and noticed a large crack on the back. I returned it, and they sent me a new one, but less than two weeks later it also developed a crack in the same place (center of the back panel near the bottom). We have two acoustic guitars, two soprano ukuleles, an upright piano, and a baby grand, none of which have experienced any similar problems. I am extremely disappointed and would not recommend the instrument.

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