Kala Jazz Archtop Sunburst KA-JTE/2TS Ukulele

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The jazz archtop, with its sunburst design and f-holes, is Kala‘s most distinctive ukulele. It’s looks have made it massively popular (with more than a little help from its use by Christofer Drew Ingle). Along with the quality of the build, it makes it a good uke to pick up.

The archtop comes with a pickup and is only available in tenor size.

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Christofer Drew Ingle of Nevershoutnever playing a Kala Archtop KA-JTE/2TS Ukulele.

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Size: Tenor
Construction: Spruce (laminated) top, Mahogany (laminated) back and sides
Fretboard: Pearloid bound Rosewood
Frets: 18
Bridge: Rosewood
Tuners: Die-cast geared
Finish: Gloss
Binding: White pearloid
Pickup: Shadow nano flex, under saddle.


  1. Matt January 12th, 2013 1:49 am

    I own this instrument. I like the radius on the fretboard, and the clear, balanced, articulate sound. It is missing the fullness on the bottom end that my other tenor has, but it is a great choice when I am playing uke in the jazz trio. It cuts nicely. I bought a pick guard for it on ebay that looks great and doesn’t interfere at all with playability. It is fun when the trio plays and we all have f-hole instruments–gibson archtop, upright bass, and uke!

  2. lewisb13 June 1st, 2013 8:15 pm

    I got this ukulele, and was desperate to play and try it on the train back to my house. When i got home I was confused (and annoyed!) at a persistent buzzing sound. I know it’s not the frets, the bridge or the neck. Its coming from inside the instrument. So I took it back to the shop and I got it replaced – checking in the shop, that this one wasn’t buzzing! Only, to get home and realise after 30 mins playing – it was also. Ive prodded a few wires inside and occasionaly fixed it, but it just keeps returning after a bit of playing! And, of course, with F-holes its harder to see if anything is loose inside.
    Can anyone help?

  3. Chris May 15th, 2014 7:33 pm

    I bought this uke but in honey sunburst and when I plug it into my amp the two middle strings are louder than the g and a strings has anybody else come across this problem with their electric ukes?also on the kala web site they state that they leave the factorys with a string hight of 3mm at the twelfth fret,what a load of droll my strings were much higher than that,by the way I bought it off the internet so could not check it,may that be a warning to me and other uke players in the future.

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