Kala Lacewood KA-ASLAB Ukulele

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Kala have done a great job with their Lacewood range. The spruce top gives an immediate, punchy tone; the lacewood looks and feels great; the instrument is easy to play; and it’s well constructed.

I was so impressed, I bought the soprano version of this ukulele. And I’m very happy with it. You can read the full Kala Lacewood review here.

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Musicguymic does sound sample with Kala Solid Lacewood KA-ASLAB Ukulele.

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Size: Baritone
Construction: Solid Spruce Top, Solid Lacewood Back and Sides
Fretboard: Rosewood
Neck: Solid Lacewood
Tuners: Die-cast tuners with Black buttons

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  1. Diane Kehoe April 16th, 2021 3:49 am

    I bought a Kala Baritone KA-ASLB a few years ago – the second of three good baritone ‘ukuleles I’ve collected since deciding to spend more time with ‘ukuleles.It has a really pleasant sound and is a well-built instrument for a good price. Both my other Baritones cost more but I was lucky to get the Pono PKT2 many years ago when a local music store closed. It was tuned to GCEA and I’ve always left it there. This year I decided to get a Kanile’a KCSB as something ‘new’ to play while I avoided COVID-19. It is lovely but cost way more too.
    The Kala Baritone is defined by its Spruce top. In many ways I use it more like a small guitar than a big ‘uke but I just put new strings on it and it sounds great.That may the effect of my picking the Kala more rather than strumming it a lot – but don’t pass by a good Kala!

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