Kala Novelty Reggae Tenor KA-TREG Ukulele

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Kala have come up with a few attention getting ‘novelty’ ukuleles. With ukuleles like this there’s always a risk they’ll be looking-at ukulele rather than a playing ukulele. But, with these being made by Kala, they are playable and quick reasonable sounding ukes.

Of Kala’s novelty range, the reggae ukulele is the only one that is available in this, the tenor size. You can find the soprano version here.

On Video

MGM tests out the soprano version of the Kala Reggae uke.

On eBay

On eBay


Size: Tenor
Construction: Mahogany (laminated) Top, Back & Sides
Neck: Mahogany
Tuners: Geared
Binding: Green Pearloid

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