Flying V Ukuleles

The Gibson Flying-V guitar shape is a design classic, so it’s not surprising that a few ukulele manufacturers have borrowed the idea. They are a bit of a gimmick and come in various eye-piercing hues.

Generally speaking, these ukes are more about the visual impact than the sound. They’re usually at the very low end of the price scale – so that’s what you’d expect anyway.

They’re also quite tricky to hold – with the natural uke-holding position resulting in a spike in the arm.

I have a Mahalo Flying V and, it has to be said, it’s a horrible ukulele. The worst I’ve ever played. I haven’t played any other brand of Flying V but based on that experience I don’t really want to.

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Vinyard Flying V Ukulele Review

This is my… $70 dollar Vineyard Instruments Flying V Ukulele!

flying v ukulele review

It was a cold Sunday morning… No plans. Nothing to do… Time to hit the Swap Meet! Now, on this particular day, I had not planned of picking up a ukulele. Or a stringed instrument. Or even a CD. It was truly destiny. So we’re passing by the sales. My mom, Kathleen, my 11 year old sister Brooke, and her two twin friends Rhisa and Raelene. Now after 4 hours of stopping at Every. Single. Shop. That contained even the slightest hint of the color pink, we finally got a slight move on. We pass by a little music shop. I see a tall man with a great beard playing what I thought was a little guitar. As a musician, I immediately am magnetized to this store. Almost as God sending down an Angel to someone in trouble, I look up to this tall man. He looks at me, smiles, and says “Try this out,” as he strums a final chord of his song. I take what I thought was a guitar into my hands. “Is this like a guitar?” I unknowingly asked. “It’s called a ukulele, it originated in Hawaii.” I strum it a little. I play around with my hands. As a guitar player, I figured out some melodies. I had never heard anything like this. I hear the strings, how delicate and inviting the sound is. My mom walks over. “Mom, check this out.” I had to do it. I pulled out my wallet. My money I had been saving for an Alvarez AD60SCBK Black Electric-Acoustic guitar. “How much is it?” “$70 dollars. And I’ll throw in a free guitar pick.” I am sold. I pull out 4 $20 dollar bills and ask for change. He hands me the ukulele, and I feel amazing. A sense of just overall happiness. It was just great. The entire rest of the day, I spent playing this severely out-of-tune ukulele, and I enjoyed it. I haven’t put it down yet. And have no plans to.

Flying V style shape.
Condition: A little beat up.
19 Frets.
Extremely tight tuning knobs.

To be honest, it doesn’t have the best sound quality compared to other ukes, but it’s great. I often experience a buzzing sound. 4/10.

Flying V Shape. Soprano ukulele. Auburn red/deep brown wood. 9/10.

I can really get into it and it’s a lot of fun. I think I’d feel this way of any uke. 10/10.

It chips very easily and is lightweight, but I’d expect this from most sopranos. I’ve been taking good care of it though. 8/10.

It’s my first ukulele and I’m happy with it any way it comes. It’s a great ukulele in my opinion. 8/10.

Review by Ukulele Blake.


  1. SingingFool February 8th, 2010 11:53 pm

    UGH. i just could not stay away from this. The idea was just too cute. Unfortunately, Mahalo’s Flying V was my FIRST ever ukulele. Despite the fact that i cant get a good sound from it.. i was able to learn my chords and get a “feel” for the Uke. Even though it sounds like crap, i’m totally hooked and am looking forward to getting a real uke.
    Even though a ukulele newcomer, i could so very much tell that the sound is terrible on this thing. It has no richness to it. Very flat and weak. Also, it is the most uncomfortable thing to hold. I have a big welt on my thigh now from the piercing “V” point.

  2. Ubi Jaxxon April 17th, 2012 6:46 pm

    I have a Flying V Ukulele (the spongebob model, don’t know if it’s Mahalo who does it), and I find it really awesome.

    I’m into Ukes for a year now, I started with a normal ukulele shape (a cheap one too, 25€) ans I switched to the Flying V 2 months after that.

    NO. REGRETS. It’s really cool, the sound is not bad at all (I may have not played the Ukulele long enough to want a great perfect sound, but it is much acceptable for me)

    Plus I customised mine to look like Dave Mustaine’s guitar :

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