Tahitian Ukulele

Tahitian ukuleles are very different from the standard Hawaiian ukulele. They are solid bodied, and have eight strings (in pairs). They tuned to the same notes as the ukulele (Gc C, E and A) but the C and E strings are an octave higher than the uke.

They are often intricately carved: dolphins and turtles seem to be popular themes. They have a much sharper tone than standard ukuleles (closer to a banjolele). The sound of them is probably most recognisable from the Arrested Development theme tune.

You can visit a couple of site dedicated to the Tahitian ukulele here and here and watch a series of videos on how to play the Tahitian ukulele here.

On Video

The Sunshiners from Vanuatu perform AC/DC’s Back In Black on Tahitian ukulele.

On eBay

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  1. Captain Jimbo September 3rd, 2012 8:14 am

    I LOVE THIS BAND!!! They were able to capture the original essence of the song while bringing a whole new spirit! In the world today, it is hard to find a band with the musical prowess to create such musical magic!! The cohesion of the band as a whole is utterly impressive. If this band is not signed by a major label, please contact me so I can attempt to remedy this situation.

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