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Ukulele Chord Stamps

If you want to make your own chord charts on paper a chord stamp is going to save you a lot of time. Ukulele chord stamps aren’t always available but you can use a chord stamp for any four stringed instrument (e.g. mandolin or bass guitar). If you want to make them on the computer, […]

Ukulele Pitch Pipe

A ukulele tuner is a useful bit of kit to have. But they’re by no means essential. A cheaper option for making sure you stay in tune is a set of ukulele pitchpipes. A ukulele pitch pipe has four holes. Each one representing one string on the ukulele. You blow into it and tune your […]

Ukulele Humidifier

Ukuleles, like anything made of wood, are vulnerable to damage through humidity. Experts take the ideal humidity level to be between 45% and 65%. You can gauge the level of humidity where you are using this humidity map. If you are in the dark blue zone, this means the humidity is too high. This is […]

Ukulele Strap/ Thong

Holding a ukulele while standing up can be a bit tricky – particularly if you’re playing something intricate. So many people decide to use a ukulele strap. Unfortunately, most ukuleles are built with traditional over-the-shoulder type straps in mind. So if you want one of those you’ll have to install strap buttons on your uke. […]

Ukulele Tuner

If you’re a member of a ukulele group or ever play in noisy environments, a ukulele tuner is an essential bit of kit. It’ll enable you to tune even if you can’t hear your ukulele. It’s also useful for newbies who want to check that they are in tune – although it’s well worth learning […]

Ukulele Wall Hanger

Hangers are a good ukulele storage alternative to ukulele stands if floor space is at a premium or you have a really big collection. Another reason that you might prefer hangers to stands is that they are often more decorative. Tiki themed hangers seem to be very popular. If at all possible, get a hanger […]

Ukulele Stand

If you’ve got a whole bunch of ukuleles around, it gets to the point where you really need to think about how to store them. They take up a fair bit of table space and can get scratched (quick hint: the experts recommend you put ukuleles face down on the table – that way it […]

Felt Picks

Generally speaking, guitar picks are too heavy and firm for the nylon strings of the ukulele and will spoil the tone. For people who want to use a pick. A felt pick will create a better sound. If you have to use a plastic pick-up make it a very thin one. On eBay [phpbay]felt ukulele, […]

External Pickups

There are many ukuleles that come with pickups already installed. If you want to amplify your acoustic ukulele, then an external pickup is the simplest solution. They don’t require any installation at all. You just attach them to your ukulele and you’re away. Usually they will be stuck on with instrument adhesive which promises not […]

Ukulele Capo

A capo will allow you to play in different keys much more easily. It will hold down all the strings at a certain fret – like having an extra finger. For example, if you are in C-tuning, putting a capo at the second fret will mean your uke is in D-tuning. There are two broad […]