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Trevor Usher

Trevor Usher is a guitar and ukulele maker of 25 years based in Llyn Peninsula, Wales. Links Website Facebook Ukes On Video

Palm Tree Ukuleles

Palm Tree Ukuleles is based in Colorado and was set up by Colorado Springs by John & Pam Ramsey. Many of their ukes are inspired by the early ukulele makers such as Kumalae and Dias. You can find out more about them on their website. How long have you been making ukuleles and how did […]

Da Silva Ukuleles

Mike Da Silva started Da Silva Ukuleles in Berkeley, California in 2005. In that time he’s become one of the most respected luthiers around and has built up a very impressive client list that includes John King, James Hill, Pops Bayless and even Warren Buffett. You can take a look at his ukes here but […]

Makapili Ukuleles

Makapili ukuleles are made by Europe based, American luthier Thomas Macomson. His ukes are all made in solid Acacia and are very popular with those who have bought one such as Wilfried Welti who is a big evangelist for them. Visit the Makapili website. On Video Wilfried Welti plays Bach’s Bouree on his Makapili.

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts is a luthier who is keen to push forward the sound of the ukulele. He says, “My instruments are definitely not your traditional ukulele. Every model is selectively design to enhance a new voice for the ukulele with a focus on enhanced playability. The tone of my instruments is more robust with a […]

Makani Ukulele

Makani are a father and son pairing from Japan. They are notable for their incredibly decorative inlays and soundhole carving. The quality of their ukuleles was recognised by the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii in 2008 where they won three of the five awards including best in show and best inlay. As you might guess, these […]

Pohaku Ukulele (Peter Hurney)

Peter Hurney is a Berkley based luthier who makes characterful ukuleles for characterful musicians such as Tippy Canoe, Uni and Her Ukulele and Craig Robertson. You can check out his ukuleles on his website. Pohaku Review I own two of Peter’s ukuleles. If I could afford them I would own more. The first uke I […]

Keith Ogata

Keith Ogata is a very individual ukulele maker from Hawaii who seems to have been going gently insane! His ukuleles look like no other and seem to be getting more crazy as time goes on which, in my book, can only be a good thing. You can see photos of some of his latest creations […]

Oceana Ukuleles

Ecuador might not be the first place you think of when it comes to ukuleles, but that’s where Oceana’s Zac Steimle. He says the mountains of Ecuador have, “the perfect year-round relative humidity and tempter to build instruments. All their ukuleles are made by hand (not even using any power tools) using traditional techniques. You […]

Akulele Ukulele

Akulele are based in Bolivia so it’s not surprising that they take many of their design features from the Bolivian charango. Like the charango, Akuleles are one solid piece of wood and are often very ornate. You can find out more about them on their website. On Video

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