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Black Bear Ukulele

Black Bear ukuleles are made by Duane Heilman in Yukima, WA. He has made some very unusual ukuleles in his time. You can see a selection of them on his site with the most outlandish being this Picasso ukulele. Duane used to regularly sell new ukuleles on eBay and through his own site but he’s […]

Mya-Moe Ukuleles

Mya-Moe Ukuleles are made by husband and wife team Gordon & Char Mayer. Even though they have only been going since 2008 there’s already an impressive list of players using their ukuleles including James Hill, Mark Nelson and Lil’ Rev. As well as standard ukuleles, their range includes resonators and, most unusually of all, lap-steel […]

Waverlystreet Ukulele

WaverlyStreet Ukuleles are made by Dave Gjessing in Ohio and you can buy his ukes from his website and occasionally on eBay. WaverlyStreet Ukulele Review And to test out the restringing issue: On eBay [phpbay]waverlystreet ukulele, 3, “”, “”[/phpbay]

SpruceHouse Ukulele

Sprucehouse ukuleles are made by Al McWhorter in Eugene, Oregan. I’ve never heard, nevermind played, a SpruceHouse ukulele. But his uke building philosophy certainly appeals to me: “Simplicity is Elegance. The most successful designs are those that make the most of the least… Like the vintage Martin and Kamaka instruments that I admire so much, […]

Sonny D Ukulele

Sonny D ukuleles are made in Hawaii (by a luthier called Sonny D) and are at the mid-high price range. They are the chosen make of the legendary Ohta San. On Video Ohta San jamming with his son Herb Ohta Jr. Herb on a KoAloha and I believe that’s a Sonny D Ohta San is […]

Pete Howlett

Review by Shelley Rickey: I own several ukuleles, like most people do that are into ukuleles. (Those of you who don’t have one yet…Watch Out! One seemingly innocent ukulele purchase and you’re all done with!) Anyway, one of my ukuleles is quite special and of which i’m exceptionally fond… Last year I was absolutely thrilled […]

Peter Lieberman: Maui Music Ukulele

Peter Lieberman is a Maui based luthier who makes ukuleles under the name of Maui Music. Looks wise, their most distinctive feature is the elongated sound hole (echoed by an unusual hole in the headstock). His most famous range is the K Range of ukuleles endorsed by the Hawaiian musician Willie K. I haven’t played […]

Jupiter Creek Ukulele

Jupiter Creek ukuleles are made in Australia by Rob Dick. They are usually electric ukuleles and look very much like tiny guitars (he also makes electric guitars and mandolins). His website is well worth taking a look at, particularly the section on the Australian timbers he uses. There’s an extensive review of a Jupiter Creek […]

Compass Rose Ukulele

Compass Rose Ukulele Review Compass Rose Ukulele made by Rick Turner’s Renaissance Guitar Works in Santa Cruz. It was all about the tone. I owned a tenor Uke manufactured in overseas, and I was simply seeking a better tone. I stopped by Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, and played a number of Ukes that Gryphon […]

William King/ Chantus Music Ukulele

William King makes classical guitars and ukuleles under the name Chantus Music. Definitely check out his blog for some ukulele pictures to drool over. On Video Demetrius Bercrelis of Tripping Lily demonstrating his two William King ukuleles. On eBay [phpbay]william king ukulele, 3, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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