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Peggy Sue Interview

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Peggy Sue (formerly Peggy Sue and the Pirates). Their song Lover Gone is currently my favourite ukulele song of the year and it’ll take some beating. So I was very excited when Katy Klaw agreed to answer a few questions. You’ve only […]

Shigeto Takahashi – Monday Exposure

Shigeto Takahashi – Peanut Vendor (MP3) Shigeto Takahashi – Goofus (MP3) via his website I’m a big fan of Shigeto’s playing. He was the first person I ever interviewed for the blog. He’s just released his debut CD Roots Trip which contains spirited uke versions of traditional Hawaiian songs, classical music and traditional tunes. You […]

The Re-entrants: Interview

Now I’m in Derby I officially have some hometown ukulele heroes. The Re-entrants are a ukulele cover duo who have been cause a stir with their live performances across the country and have recently released their debut album Uke Man versus The Strummer. I caught up with Phil and Ian for some routine interrogation. You’re […]

Matt Kresling: Monday Exposure

Matt Kresling – The Beast That Swallows It’s Young (MP3) Matt Kresling – Upside-Down Boat (MP3) via I’m a little amazed that anyone bothers paying any of their debts any more. After all the bailouts financial institutions don’t have a great deal of moral authority to draw on. But Matt Kresling was ahead of […]

Lost Sound Tapes: Monday Exposure

Watercolor Paintings – Telephone Wires (MP3) Watercolor Paintings – Indiana (MP3) Blanket Truth – Hanging Out (MP3) via Lost Sound Tapes There’s very little from the 1980s that I’m nostalgic for. The TV, fashion and music almost universally terrible. And the dominant format for music was the cassette. But my antipathy towards the cassette might […]

Charlot Webster: Monday Exposure

I’ve only been here a few months, but I’m already starting to hate Derby. For one thing, there are only ten people in the entire city with good taste in music. I can say that with some authority because that’s how many turned out to see Peggy Sue recently. But those of us who did […]

Tinyfolk: Monday Exposure

Tinyfolk – Lunches (MP3) Tinyfolk – Do Animals Get Lonely Late at Night? (MP3) Tinyfolk – Lost and Found (MP3) via CLLCT CLLCT is a great place to hunt around for interesting new uke acts. I’ve already spread the good word about Madeline Ava. And today it’s the turn of Tinyfolk. I caught up with […]

Kate Micucci Interview

Kate Micucci is a busy bunny. There’s the TV shows, the solo music, the theatre show, the movies, the duo, the web series and the sandcastles. But I managed to find the time in my busy schedule to ask her a few questions. When and why did you first pick up a ukulele? I got […]

Jake Wildwood – The Wood Wives

Jake Wildwood – Birch (MP3) Jake Wildwood – Nightshade (MP3) via When I interviewed Jake about his last album he mentioned he was working on a record of songs about, “a particular tree, bush, shrub, flower, that I’ve come to know up here.” He’s now finished it and you can download the album for […]

Monday Exposure: Karinne Keithley

Karinne Keithley – Sweet Child of Mine (MP3) Karinne Keithley – Black Dog (MP3) Karinne Keithley – Immigrant Song (MP3) via her website. Playing stripped down versions of huge rock songs isn’t a new idea, but it’s incredibly difficult to do well. I think these tracks are the best I’ve heard it done since Mark […]

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