How to Read Ukulele Tab

I wanted to create a complete overview of reading ukulele tab, so I’ve written a number of posts covering the subject. They start off with the basics then move on to the more advanced stuff.

Part One – The Basics: frets and strings, tab for chords.

Part Two – Rhythm: In standard notation and tab, bars/measures.

Part Three – Fingering and Repeats: Left-hand and right-hand fingering, bar line repeats.

Part 4 – Advanced Tab: Advanced strums and rhythms.

Part 5 – Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

Part 6: Slides

Part 7: Advanced repeats, dead notes, accents and trills.

Part 8: Vibrato, grace notes and bends.

Part 9: Rests.

This series was derived from my ebook Ukulele 101: 101 Things Every Ukulele Player Needs to Know.

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