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Fretspace (Chord and Scale Maker) App Review

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that yesterday’s chord chart had different style chord diagrams to usual. With Apple ditching support for 32 bit apps in the next version of macOS, my chord making app of choice, Sibelius 6, is rapidly heading for obsolescence. So I’ve been hunting around for new ways of making […]

G7th UltraLight Ukulele Capo Review

After I put up my round-up of capo alternatives someone suggested I check out the G7th UltraLight capo. I bought one recently and it was a good suggestion. How it Works The G7th is a screw-capo. You wrap the capo around the neck, put the screw in a notch in the capo and tighten it […]

Capo 3 Mac App Review

Learning songs by ear and tabbing them out is hard work. You’d think after all these years I’d have got good at it. But it’s still a real grind. So I need all the help I can get. One tool I reach for is Capo 3 from SuperMegaUltraGroovy. I’ve used Capo since version 2 and […]

Guitar Pro 7 First Impression Review

Guitar Pro has been my tabbing software of choice since the start of Uke Hunt almost ten years ago. I’ve used it to make hundreds of tabs. So I was giddy with excitement with last week’s release of Guitar Pro 7 (I’m a Guitar Pro affiliate in case that changes your opinion on my review). […]

Spider Capo Mini Review

I’m a sucker for a new gadget. The more useless and ridiculous the better (e.g. I’ve spent the last year trying to not buy an Apple Watch). So I couldn’t resist picking up the most ridiculous bit of ukulele kit: a spider capo. What the Hell is a Spider Capo? A standard capo frets all […]

Ukulele for Dummies Second Edition

I’ve been blown away by how well Ukulele for Dummies has done. It’s sold over 100,000 copies now which is way beyond what I ever imagined. It’s also had good review. There are 151 5 star reviews on Amazon UK (with an average of 4.4 stars) and 185 5-star reviews on Amazon US (4.2 average). […]

iOS Ukulele Chord Finder App Comparison

The last time I reviewed ukulele chord finder apps back in 2010 I wasn’t that impressed. Time to find out if the situation has improved at all with a review of five apps that have been released since. I’ve scored the apps out of 20 with five points available in each of these categories: Chords: […]

ukulelezaza – Happy Days are Here Again: Book Review

I’ve long been a fan of ukulelezaza (aka Remco Houtman). In fact he was in the third ever UkeTube in 2007. Back when MySpace was the obvious place to link to. So I was very excited to try out his tab book Happy Days are Here Again. Which Shelley of The Jumping Flea Market was […]

Tabular Mac App Review

I’ve been using Guitar Pro to make my tabs for longer than this site has existed. But I spend so much time making tabs that I’m always on the lookout for something better. So I picked up a new tabbing app for Mac: Tabular by Chromatic Labs It’s very new and the bugs are still […]

Uke Leash Review

Ukulele straps are a bit of a vexed issue. Traditionalists dismiss ukulele straps as being unnecessary. While plenty of people find them essential – with problems varying from boob-interference to the need to play lightening fast licks. For my own playing, I’m mostly in the traditional camp. I don’t use a strap myself. But I’ve […]

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