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Christmas UkeTube

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Kelli Rae Powell, Zoe Bestel: UkeTube

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Friday Links

New Releases – New book from Lil’ Rev Fiddle Tunes for Ukulele Orchestra. – Christmas Carols for Ukulele tab book. – Experimental bari-uker, Kevin Hufnagel has released the album Ashland and a pair of beautiful singles The Murderer’s Tracks and The Weather was Wrong. – Ben Rouse’s The Merry Uke Man. – Stefanie Santana’s I […]

Serial Podcast Theme (Tab)

Nick Thorburn – Serial Theme (Tab) I had to do this tab to celebrate the finale of the first series of Serial. The plinkiness of it was just dying to be uked. To keep it extra-plinky it’s played right up the neck. Links Buy it on iTunes Listen to Serial Bonus: Jordan, Jesse, Go! Theme […]

Matt Kresling – Year of the Dog (Tab)

  Matt Kresling – Year of the Dog (Tab) The travelogue of Matt Kresling and his ukulele’s circuitous trip to Madagascar is my favourite series on YouTube. Whenever a new episode crops up it’s a little treat. And there was a new one this week so it seems like the perfect time to put up […]

2014 Ukulele Quiz

Time for the annual Uke Hunt Christmas time-waster. – Grab a pen and paper – Display knowledge. – There might be spoilers in the comments. – Check the answers here (no peeking). – Return in triumph or despair and share you score in the comments. If you’re reading by email or feed reader you may […]

Keane/Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know (Chords)

Carrie Hope Fletcher – Somewhere Only We Know (Chords) When I mentioned I was doing this song to Uke Hunt’s US Cultural Affairs Correspondent her reaction was, “Somewhere Only We Know?! Isn’t it several years too late for that song?” So I feel I should explain. Last year Lily Allen did a cover for a […]

Monty Python – Sit On My Face (Chords)

Monty Python – Sit on My Face (Chords) I thought I’d join with this week’s face sitting protests and put up the chords to this Monty Python protest song. The song is based on Gracie Fields’s Sing As We Go with some lyrical adaptation by Eric Idle. Suggested Strumming The main strum I use for […]

Timpluras: UkeTube

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Ukulele Calendar: Friday Links

Pictures – Download a free ukulele calendar with some familiar faces. Including mine. (To clear up some confusion: I have no involvement in this calendar other than being in it. I don’t own the 5K either.) – Rookie’s teach yourself to play ukulele. – Ukulele star. – Fact checking a t-shirt. – Martin 5K. Videos […]

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