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Love Charley, Look Yonder: UkeTube

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Bitcoin: Friday Links

I’ve started accepting Bitcoin as payment for my ebooks. I made my first sale the other day and I’m excited to get into it. Right now the ebooks are 50% off when you buy with bitcoins. Partly because transaction fees are lower, partly because I’m interested in the possibilities and partly because I haven’t got […]

Mr Moustafa from Grand Budapest Hotel (Tab)

Alexandre Desplat – Mr Moustafa (Tab) I got a request from Justin saying that Alexandre Desplat’s music from the new Wes Anderson movie Grand Budapest Hotel would be perfect for ukeing. And he was absolutely right. As soon as I heard this tune I knew it would suit a campanella-style ukulele arrangement. And it turned […]

Tools of the Trade

I regularly get people asking what I use in my playing and in putting together the site. To answer those I did a post back in 2010. Things have changed a bit since then (most notably it makes no mention of apps). So here’s what I’m using these days. I’d be interested to know what […]

Amanda Palmer – Bigger on the Inside (Chords)

Amanda Palmer – Bigger on the Inside (Chords) I know from experience that just having Amanda Palmer in the title is going to put off vast swathes of people who read the blog. But all the people who complain when I swear are amongst them so fuck ‘em. But she did win many people over […]

Kapala, L’Hebdo: UkeTube

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Friday Links

Videos – A new episode of my favourite ever travelogue Matt Kresling’s Madagascar Diaries. – Mastering the split stroke (via @WillGroveWhite) – Ukulele players square off in the Melbourne International Median Strip Table Tennis Tournament (don’t get too excited by the “strip table tennis” bit). New Releases – Tyrone and Lesley’s Gentlemen Songsters. – Bella […]

Spinal Tab – Stonehenge (Instrumental Tab)

Spinal Tap – Stonehenge (Mandolin Solo)(Tab) I could pretend I wrote this post Spinal Tap 30th Anniversary. But I actually wrote it to brag that I got 10 out of 10 in The Guardian’s Spinal Tap quiz. Bow down before me. I am your new god. For this arrangement I’ve taken the intro and outro […]

ukulelezaza – Happy Days are Here Again: Book Review

I’ve long been a fan of ukulelezaza (aka Remco Houtman). In fact he was in the third ever UkeTube in 2007. Back when MySpace was the obvious place to link to. So I was very excited to try out his tab book Happy Days are Here Again. Which Shelley of The Jumping Flea Market was […]

Pharrell/WotE – Happy (Chords)

Pharrell Williams/Walk off the Earth – Happy (Chords) Walk off the Earth do a great job of making the covers they do look like a ton of fun. Every time they make a new one I get the urge to write it up. And I caved once again with their version of Pharrell Williams’s Happy […]

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