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New Releases

– New book from Lil’ Rev Fiddle Tunes for Ukulele.
Christmas Carols for Ukulele Orchestra tab book.
– Experimental bari-uker, Kevin Hufnagel has released the album Ashland and a pair of beautiful singles The Murderer’s Tracks and The Weather was Wrong.
Ben Rouse’s The Merry Uke Man.
Stefanie Santana’s I Admit I Am Glad.


Museu Cavaquinho‘s display of painted cavaquinhos included this one.
Ukosaurous Rex.
– University of Hawaii’s collection of ukulele ads.
Joseph Jung’s ukulele class.


Roy Smeck: Wizard of the Strings documentary. (Thanks to Peter)
– Ukulelia investigates Nee Wong.
30 minute medley of all Beatles singles

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  1. M. Ryan Taylor December 19th, 2014 3:48 pm

    Thanks for including my book, the title is however “Christmas Carols for Ukulele Orchestra” since it is for 3 or more ukuleles. :-)

  2. Stef December 19th, 2014 7:24 pm

    Big smiles!

  3. Ron Hale December 20th, 2014 5:11 am

    Is Jung punishing the kids for some transgression,
    Al? Bow tie. Says it all.

    Branded the ‘uke as uncool. Single-handedly.

    Tiny was just icing on the cake.

    Now, behave class, or I’ll send you to see Herr
    Doktor Jung. You don’t want to play the ukulele,
    do you?

    I was nine in 1959. Just back from Hawaii. Never
    gave a thought to the uke.

    And, yes, we all looked like those kids.

    Re ‘uke ads:

    There’s a newish parody of the ad up on
    YouTube now.

    Gary quite rightly features one of the best ‘uke
    videos uploaded this year. In a just ‘ukulele world it would one the annual poll finalists.

  4. Woodshed December 20th, 2014 12:08 pm

    M. Ryan Taylor: Sorry about that. Fixed it.

    Stef: My pleasure!

    Ron: I think all teachers should wear bowties.

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