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UkeTube: Andy Eastwood, Bobby Alu, Jason Mraz

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Andy Eastwood – Rockin’ the Uke Bobby Alu – Lavalava Samoa Dani Joy – There, There Jason Mraz with the BBC Concert Orchestra – Look For The Good viosus – The Battle of Aughrim Eva & the Vagabond Tales- Tomorrow Comes Too Soon Thanks to @ukeist LOCUM – I Wish Craig […]

UkeTube: Ninebarrow, The Oh Yeahs, Ukulele Death Squad

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Ninebarrow (with Hart Voices and The Chantry Singers) – The Hour of the Blackbird The Oh Yeahs – And Anyway Danny Yau – G.O.A.T. Thanks to whatsinyourrottensoul Ukulele Death Squad – Let Me Down Thomas Zwijsen – Run To The Hills Yanger in Tosoa – Masida Moju Mi Ahu Sangi’sara On […]

UkeTube: Clem Snide, Scott Avett, UOGB

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Clem Snide & Scott Avett – Roger Ebert Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Limehouse Blues Bad Mouse Orchestra – Let’s Misbehave Izumi Pahepuaokalani – Aloha No Au I Ko Maka Herman Vandecauter – Quarantine Polka On machete Ryo Natoyama – Tears In Heaven Dust Sweepers – Home in Pasadena Bob […]

UkeTube: Del Rey, Desirée Dawson

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Vinícius Vivas – There Will Be Some Changes Made Bridge City Sinners – Song of the Siren Desirée Dawson – All In Del Rey – Be Sweet To Me Ukulollo – Once Upon A Time In The West BananaCactus – Cherry Elisabetta e Alessandro – Nina si voi dormite Choan Gálvez […]

UkeTube: Janet Jackson, Grace Vanderwaal

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Nicolas Fingerstyle Ukulele – I Get Around Janet Jackson, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon – Runaway Glass Cases – Thinking Sideways Stables – Everywhere Grace Vanderwaal – Today and Tomorrow Wild Hum – Divorce in the Water Bob Guz – Hector the Hero Jiang – Blinding Lights Ariel Zevon – MASOCHIST […]

UkeTube: International Women’s Day Special

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Honoka – Green Hornet Natsuko Kitajima – Out Of Nowhere The Barberettes – Be My Baby Thanks to @hermanvdc MARLOWE – Anyone Natasha Ghosh – (Spirited Away) Reprise Graciela Cano & Choan Gálvez – Dolphins’ Carnival March Aline Kelly – Ó Abre Alas! Genoa Keawe – Alika Vanessa Ding – Miss […]

UkeTube: Daniel Ho, Kuburan

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Dani Joy & Daniel Ho – Strange World UKEBA SQUAD – JAMBRET Laura Currie – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now Rod Wave x Einer Bankz – Heartbreak Hotel Noah Wisch – Against the Sky Winchester 7 & the Runners – When the World Stops Spinning Blue Dean Carcione – Blues Run […]

UkeTube: Jake Shimabukuro, chloe moriondo

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Jake Shimabukuro – When The Masks Come Down Tricity Vogue & All Girl Swing Band – Rasputin EmiSunshine – The Ghost of Hank Williams Tobias Elof – Mango Walk Vanessa Ding – Follower Paul Hemmings – Scrapple From The Apple Blue Dean Carcione & Espada – Clay Pigeons GUS and FIN […]

UkeTube: Lola Marsh, Everly Pregnant Brothers

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Lola Marsh – What Am I Everly Pregnant Brothers – 69 to Rovvrum Corey & Kalei – Autumn Leaves Sandy Weltman – St.Louis Blues The Blue Dahlia – I See Trees Differently Wilfried Welti – Tedesca dita l’Austria Taimane – Directions Sho Humphries – Love You! Herman Vandecauter – Country Gardens […]

UkeTube: Bridge City Sinners, Sam Trump

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Bridge City Sinners – Virgin Sacrifice Dani Joy – Lovell Bliche Na Hoa – Le’ahi Feng E – Jaguar Sam Trump & Acoustic Audile – Go Where The Love Is Joy Ike – Won't You Be My Neighbor? Rita et Messieurs Martin – Le Lit en pente Billy Uke Scott – […]

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