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UkeTube: Filipino Ukers, dodie

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Jegs Benedict – The Point of No Return BennyBunnyBand – Pam ToGetHer Eduardo Enaje – Balatkayo dodie – Guiltless Iris Wagner – Lean In Professor Ogma – Thunderer Yohanna Liang – layang layang

My Favourite Ukulele Videos of 2019 So Far

Watch on YouTube We’re about at the halfway point of the year and it’s time to round up some of the great ukulele videos so you don’t miss anything. If there’s something great I’ve missed, I’d love to hear it. You can send me a message or tweet me @UkeHunt. Tracklist Arko Mukhaerjee and Hari […]

UkeTube: La Familia de Ukeleles, Machine Gun Kelly

Watch on YouTube Tracklist La Familia de Ukeleles – The Ghost of C.C. Eliel Carvalho – Trocando em Miu?dos Chico Buarque Natasha Ghosh – Boy With Luv Luna Silva & The Wonders – Rain Via @ukeist Machine Gun Kelly x Einer Bankz – El Diablo Maiah Wynne and Dreadlight – My Strange Addiction Laura Currie […]

UkeTube: The Who, Bridge City Sinners, Tommy Emmanuel

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Bridge City Sinners – Run From the Sun The Who, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots – Won’t Get Fooled Again Tommy Emmanuel and Feng E – Classical Gas Taimane – System of Down, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Beethoven Remi Harris – Sketches #35 Zoe Bestel and Tobias Elof – The Blackest Crow […]

UkeTube: Sonder Bombs, Robin Evans, Charming Disaster

Watch on YouTube Tracklist The Sonder Bombs – I don't have one anymore Robin Evans – Come On In My Kitchen Charming Disaster – Blacksnake George Elmes – Roadrunner Jósean Log – Canción Sin Nombre Julián Rodríguez – Lorenzo EatMyUke – Abbey Road The Burney Sisters – I Wanna Be Real Zoë Bestel – Moment […]

UkeTube: Cavetown, Lisa Loeb, TENSPD

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Jake Shimabukuro and Taimane – Bodysurfing TENSPD – Calling You Back Cavetown – Hug All Ur Friends Jan Laurenz – Scarborough Fair Natasha Ghosh – Again Bill and the Belles – Taking Back My Yesterday Lisa Loeb and Walk Off the Earth – Stay (I Missed You) Jonathan Lewis – Devils […]

UkeTube: Laura Currie, Tyto Grey

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Laura Currie – Tetris Theme (Tab here) Natasha Ghosh – Howls Moving Castle Theme Tyto Grey – R u n a w a y Digga Digga Duo – Hummin' to Myself Arko Mukhaerjee and Nishaad Pandey – Aam Paka Christopher Davis-Shannon featuring Hotsy Totsy – Kiss the Girl Mr.B The Gentleman […]

UkeTube: Professor Ogma, Bailey Rushlow

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Professor Ogma – Gullywasher Bailey Rushlow – You’re Still the One Keston Cobblers Club – Eye to Eye Feng E – Chandelier Zoe Bestel & Tobias Elof – Hushabye Mountain Eden Kai & Maiko – Dreams Come True Herman Vandecauter – Meise Arboretum On machete Mike Holland – The Windmills Of […]

UkeTube: Arko Mukhaerjee, Prettier Than Matt

Watch on YouTube Arko Mukhaerjee and Hari Maharjan Ensemble – Resham Firiri Thanks to @ukeist Prettier Than Matt – Heaven Forbid Thanks to @ukeist Elisabeth Pfeiffer – Babooshka Alicja Maciejewska – I’ll Be There for You LP – Girls Go Wild Yuki Niino – Hymne à l’amour MARLOWE and Chanel Dela Cruz – Talk The […]

UkeTube: O’Pears, Queen Covers

Watch on YouTube Tracklist The O’Pears – Bleak Midwinter / River Andreas and Corey – Carmen EatMyUke – Queen Medley Ukulele Bartt Warburton – Love of My Life Stevon Artis – Fences Mandy Harvey – Release Me Daniel Estrem – Andantino by James Hook Gerald Ross – Skip It Paul Hemmings – It Don't Mean […]

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