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UkeTube: João Tostes, Billie Eilish

Watch on YouTube Tracklist João Tostes & Carol Campos – Hallelujah Vinícius Vivas – Fly me to the Moon Billie Eilish – Telegraph Ave Gracie Terzian – Treasures Untold Jan Laurenz – Another Day, A New Tune Arko Mukhaerjee – Bala Joban EmiSunshine – Crimson Moon Feng E – The Stalker in the Shadow Le […]

UkeTube: Jake Shimabukuro, mxmtoon

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Jake Shimabukuro – Twelve mxmtoon – seasonal depression Choan Gálvez – Study No. 22 in B minor Landermason – Benjamin Mee Peanut Envy – Walking Stick John Bianchi – You're Taken (But I Wish You Were Taken With Me) Katy Vernon – Suit of Hearts Arko Mukhaerjee – Machi Kadaile Buckman […]

UkeTube: Raelyn Nelson, Sho Humphries, Kyle Carey

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Raelyn Nelson Band – Weed and Whiskey (Song starts at 45 seconds) Sho Humphries – MEGALOVANIA Kyle Carey – Devil at Your Back Via @ukeist Le Temps d'une Etincelle – Rentrez dans la danse uke mullum – Rumble Karlie G – Doin’ Time Choan Gálvez – Study No. 49 – Tío […]

UkeTube: Taimane, James Hill

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Taimane – Ladybird James Hill – Viva La Vida Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Don't Let Us Get Sick Tobias Elof – Lazy Sunday Madeline Tasquin – Daffodils Randy Gapasin – Talk Those Folk – One Thousand Homes Polkadot + Moonbeam – When You Wish Upon A Star

UkeTube: Stables, Amanda Palmer, Flor De Toloache

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Stables – Nostalgia Flor De Toloache – Besos de Mezcal On vihuela. Ukulele Sunnyboy – On A Sunny Day Garam JEON – Polani (Pure) Andy Sankey – Jump Randy Gapasin – Your Song The Skivvies and Nathan Lee Graham – Dance Medley Amanda Palmer – Everybody Knows Somebody

UkeTube: Bad Mouse Orchestra, Shinyribs

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Bad Mouse Orchestra – It’s The Animal In Me Tom Rosenthal – Bicycle Lane Shinyribs – The Wind Cries Mary Arnaud Martin – Chariots of Fire Lami JEON – Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello suite no.1 prelude Feng E – Radio Gaga Uklectic Fred – East St. Louis Toodle-O0 Choan Gálvez […]

UkeTube: Bob’s Your Uncle, Megan Thee Stallion

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Bob’s Your Uncle – Making Sure That Mountain Don’t Move Via @ukeist The Hedge Inspectors – Hayride Ted Wulfers – Find Some Peace Via @ukeist Christopher Davis-Shannon – I’ll See You in My Dreams Vanessa Ding – Can You Feel The Love Tonight Eliel Carvalho – Homenagem – Wave (T. Jobim) […]

UkeTube: Luna Silva, Cliff Edwards

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Luna Silva – Billy Boy Brenda Lee – Till There Was You via @ukeist MARLOWE – Blessed Choan Gálvez – Left Hand Reel Cliff Edwards & Joe Tarto – He’s the Hottest Man in Town thanks to @hermanvdc Uklectic Fred – Do Nothing till You Hear from Me Randy Gapasin – […]

UkeTube: Filipino Ukers, dodie

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Jegs Benedict – The Point of No Return BennyBunnyBand – Pam ToGetHer Eduardo Enaje – Balatkayo dodie – Guiltless Iris Wagner – Lean In Professor Ogma – Thunderer Yohanna Liang – layang layang

My Favourite Ukulele Videos of 2019 So Far

Watch on YouTube We’re about at the halfway point of the year and it’s time to round up some of the great ukulele videos so you don’t miss anything. If there’s something great I’ve missed, I’d love to hear it. You can send me a message or tweet me @UkeHunt. Tracklist Arko Mukhaerjee and Hari […]

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