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In the Pines/Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Tabs)

Lead Belly/Nirvana – In the Pines (Tabs) In the Pines is a traditional song but the most famous versions are by Lead Belly and Nirvana. I mostly worked from the Nirvana version for this arrangement and I’ve kept it very simple. The arrangement kicks off with a short intro. There’s lots more you can do […]

Oh Shenandoah (Tabs)

Oh Shenandoah (Tab) Loads of people have covered Oh Shenandoah, but the Tom Waits and Keith Richards version is the one I’m most familiar with. I’ve arranged it three different ways. In order of easiest to trickiest. I’d recommend using this version as a springboard for your own. You can mix and match sections and […]

UkeTube: Jon’s Uke, Ornery Broad, Wallfisch Quartet

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Max De Bernardi & Veronica Sbergia – Blue Skies Jon’s Ukulele – The Nine Maidens Ornery Broad – Woman of Constant Sorrow Thanks to Colin. The Wallfisch Quartet – Desert Wind Twenty One Pilots – Paladin Strait Krakow Street Band – Hold On Thanks to Colin. SeattleUke – A Firefighters Lament […]

The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?? (Tabs)

The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?? (Tab) There’s nothing too difficult to play in Do You Realize?? . But it is constantly shifting. There are slight changes in chord progressions, melodies and time signatures. Not much is a direct repeat. I found keeping track of everything a bit taxing on the noggin. Intro: I’ve […]

Yusuf/Cat Stevens – The Wind (Tabs)

Yusuf/Cat Stevens – The Wind (Tab) The Wind comes across as a gentle little ditty. But there are some fiendish time signature changes in the chorus to deal with. This version is slowed down to about 90% of the original which makes it easier to handle. Intro: A very simple start using one-finger-per-string picking. Which […]

Thanks to Patreons

A massive thanks again to the massive generosity of Uke Hunt’s Patreon backers for keeping the site up and running this month. And double thanks go to these legendary patrons of the arts: And extra thanks to June’s Tenor level backers: – Arthur Foley – BigHempin – Colleen Petticrew – Dennis Boutsikaris – Elizabeth Beardsley […]

Blur – The Universal (Tabs)

Blur – The Universal (Tab) Here’s a tab of Blur's The Universal. Real horrorshow. Intro: Thumb and two finger picking for the intro. PARKLIFE Verse: Switching to one finger per string picking in the verse (with a few strummed chord stabs thrown in). PARKLIFE Chorus: And full on strumming for the chorus. The action moves […]

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (Tabs)

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (Tab) If I’m going to tab an Aphex Twin song, there’s only one choice: Avril 14th. Which was interpolated by Kanye West on Blame Game. A Section: By far the hardest part of the song is the artificial harmonics that start in bar 5. In these bits, I’m picking the […]

UkeTube: Ukulele Death Squad, Bookshop Band, Peter Moss

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Ukulele Death Squad – Hands Tied The Bookshop Band – Eve In Your Garden Peter Moss & George Elmes – Bye Bye Blues Tiana Jennings – Palehua Peyton Kanehiwa – Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai kmodo – stuff we did Gerald Ross – I Only Have Eyes For You Natasha Ghosh […]

The Newton Brothers – X-Men ’97 Theme (Tabs)

The Newton Brothers – X-Men ’97 Theme (Tab) Here’s a quick tab for the theme to the revival of the X-Men animated series. Which just so happens to be identical to the original, retaining cheesy metal widdle-fest that was the style at the time. First thing to do is tune your g-string down to F. […]

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