How to Read Ukulele Tab Part 9

A recent comment from George made me realise that I’d completely forgotten to include rests in the How To Read Ukulele Tab series. So here it is. Better a year and a half late than never.

Rests indicate that there shouldn’t be anything playing at all. That means if there was a note played before you should stop it ringing. Rests look different depending on how long they last.

Whole Note/ Semibreve Rest


Half Note/ Minim Rest


Quarter Note/ Crotchet Rest


Eighth Note/ Quaver Rest


Sixteenth Note/ Semi-quaver Rest


You’ll sometimes see rests with a dot after them. This means you should increase the length of the rest by half (e.g. a minim rest with a dot after it would last for three beats).

This series was derived from my ebook Ukulele 101: 101 Things Every Ukulele Player Needs to Know.

Read the full series here: How To Read Ukulele Tab.

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