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Ukulele Woods: House and Mill Interview

When I mentioned bamboo ukuleles before, there was a bit of discussion about whether you should care about the environmental impact of your uke and it got me thinking about the issue. And, of course, there’s the ever increasing selection of woods there are to choose from. Neither issue I’m particularly knowledgeable on. So I […]

Maestro Ukuleles: Meet Your Maker

It used to be that Asian-made ukuleles were all hastily slapped together and shipped out as cheap and quick as possible. But that is changing with the likes of aNueNue in Taiwan putting quality at the top of the priority list. Now Maestro, a guitar maker in Singapore, has moved into ukuleles and is making […]

Mid-East Ukuleles: Meet Your Maker

Mid-East caused quite a splash at NAMM 2010 with a range of ukuleles based on traditional instruments including a hippie’s wet dream – a sitar that’s small enough to carry in a backpack. So I caught up with Jay McDonald from Mid-East to discuss chikaris and sympathetic strings; and to get some extensive use out […]

Oceana Ukuleles: Meet Your Maker

Amongst the videos of the Wine Country Uke Fest that have been uploaded, I noticed a few from Oceana Ukuleles. I wasn’t at all familiar with them, so to get myself up to speed I threw a few questions and Oceana mainman Zac Steimle. How long have you been making ukuleles and how did you […]

Mya-Moe Ukuleles: Meet Your Maker

Mya-Moe Ukuleles are played by a number of Uke Hunt favourites like James Hill, Lil’ Rev, Mark Nelson and Daddy Stovepipe. But I know very little about them. So what better way to find out more about them than throw a few questions at the husband and wife team behind Mya-Moe, Gordon and Char Mayer. […]

aNueNue Ukuleles: Meet Your Maker

I often look at the ukulele scene in Japan with envy. Shigeto is kind enough to send me copies of Japan’s Ukulele Magazine. My Japanese isn’t great so I spend my time gawping at the strange and unknown ukuleles on its pages. They’re made by companies that are a complete mystery to me: ‘I’Iwi, Tsubame, […]

Fender Ukuleles

If you need any evidence of the increase in people buying ukuleles, just look at the number of new models of ukulele that have come out in the last year or two. And now the biggest name in the guitar world has entered the field and brought out their first ukes. Today Fender are launching […]