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Thanks to the Patreons

A massive thanks to all Uke Hunt’s Patreon backers for keeping the site up and running this month. And double thanks go to these legendary patrons of the arts: And extra thanks to March’s Tenor level backers: – Arthur Foley – BigHempin – Colleen Petticrew – Dennis Boutsikaris – Elizabeth Beardsley – Ivo – Jameson […]

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock (Tabs)

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock (Tabs) At first, I thought there’s no way Cherub Rock would work on the uke. But I found it a fun song to play that you can blast out with strums. Intro: Starting out at full pelt building up a C chord and breaking into the intro riff. If […]

Wilson Pickett/The Commitments – Mustang Sally (Tab)

Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally Originally by Wilson Pickett, Mustang Sally has been covered by acts including The Commitments, Buddy Guy and Barry from Eastenders. I based this arrangement on the Wilson Pickett version but there’s elements of the Commitments version in there. As well as a few bits of my own I’ve thrown in. […]

UkeTube: Karina Bezdudnaya, PROMISE, daphne eckman

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Karina Bezdudnaya – My Lady Hundson’s Puffe PROMISE. – Me, Myself & I Charissa Hoffman – if i could fly daphne eckman – acupuncture Tomotaka Matsui – Lazybones M.J. – Lost World Pixie and the Partygrass Boys – These Chickens Eat Fascists Thanks to HermanVDC Zoë Bestel – Hold On Duo […]

Christine and the Queens – Tilted (Tabs)

Christine and the Queens – Tilted (Tabs) This is a rare occasion where I didn’t get tilted trying to record the video. It’s a straightforward and fun song to play on uke. There are many moves up and down the neck but you have plenty of time for them. The only challenge I had was […]

Tom Odell – Another Love (Tabs)

Tom Odell – Another Love (Tab) Tom Odell’s Another Love managed to amass 900 million views on YouTube without me ever having heard it. Luckily, my Patreons are more on the ball than I am and requested it. And it’s a catchy song that fits nicely on ukulele in the original key. Technique-wise, it’s a […]

Friday Links

– Ukulele hip hop collaborator, Einer Bankz interviewed. – Learning the uke in prison. On Video – Chaz Chase eats a ukulele. (Via Ukulelia) – Kevin Bacon serenades his alpacas. – I only just found out Finneas’s character on Glee was a ukulele player with the same name as me. Window Shopping – Flame ukulele […]