The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock (Tabs)

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock (Tabs)

At first, I thought there’s no way Cherub Rock would work on the uke. But I found it a fun song to play that you can blast out with strums.

Intro: Starting out at full pelt building up a C chord and breaking into the intro riff.

If you don’t have the space on your uke to play the riff high up the neck, you can move the E-string notes on the A-string. Just lower each note five frets and let the E-string ring open. You can do the same with the melody in the verse.

Verse: Staying high up the neck for the verse and continuing to blast out the strums with just a few picked notes.

Chorus: All strums here too. Be sure to mute the g-string with your thumb for everything but the Eb chord.

Bridge: Adding a C chord to the chord progression from the chorus.

Solo: The trickiest part of the song. I’ve changed it significantly from the original. So feel free to make adjustments of your own.

Bridge 2: Similar to the chorus, but watch out for the A-string, 5th fret at the start of the F chord (first in bar 39).


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