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Blur – The Universal (Tabs)

Blur – The Universal (Tab) Here’s a tab of Blur's The Universal. Real horrorshow. Intro: Thumb and two finger picking for the intro. PARKLIFE Verse: Switching to one finger per string picking in the verse (with a few strummed chord stabs thrown in). PARKLIFE Chorus: And full on strumming for the chorus. The action moves […]

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (Tabs)

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (Tab) If I’m going to tab an Aphex Twin song, there’s only one choice: Avril 14th. Which was interpolated by Kanye West on Blame Game. A Section: By far the hardest part of the song is the artificial harmonics that start in bar 5. In these bits, I’m picking the […]

UkeTube: Ukulele Death Squad, Bookshop Band, Peter Moss

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Ukulele Death Squad – Hands Tied The Bookshop Band – Eve In Your Garden Peter Moss & George Elmes – Bye Bye Blues Tiana Jennings – Palehua Peyton Kanehiwa – Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai kmodo – stuff we did Gerald Ross – I Only Have Eyes For You Natasha Ghosh […]

The Newton Brothers – X-Men ’97 Theme (Tabs)

The Newton Brothers – X-Men ’97 Theme (Tab) Here’s a quick tab for the theme to the revival of the X-Men animated series. Which just so happens to be identical to the original, retaining cheesy metal widdle-fest that was the style at the time. First thing to do is tune your g-string down to F. […]

Macy Gray – I Try (Tabs)

Macy Gray – I Try (Tab) Thanks to Lin for suggesting Macy Gray’s I Try for a tabbing. She’s remembered as a one hit wonder, but Macy Gray had a few great songs. Verse: The first verse is nice and simple, with everything in the first position. Just a few sus chords among us. And […]