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Ukulele Window Shopping

Martin have been putting out some ornate custom ukuleles: Tree of Life soprano, Plumeria, custom tenor 3K. But if, like me, you’re more into their classics: 1930 Martin 5K and 1931 Sytle 3K. Mahalo are hopping on the bandwagon and releasing a bass ukulele. Custom 8 String Kamaka with baritone-size neck. Electric harp ukulele.

Ukulele Window Shopping

Blackbird have just released the Blackbird Clara ukulele made from plant fibre. One of the few ukuleles made from renewable materials. Some spectacularly colourful ukulele gig bags and cases from Musical Miscellany. Never seen one of these before: KoAloha Solid Body Tenor prototype. Fender have finally got on the ukes-that-look-like-Fender-guitars bandwagon with the Fender ’52 […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? The only way to make it up is with a Kanilea Ku’Uipo with a heart shaped soundhole. Jack Johnson and Pepe Romero signed cigarbox ukulele in aid of the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. The Todd Rose ukulele both looks and sounds very interesting (via Phredd). Gretsch guitarlele. Pictures: 1960s girl […]

NAMM 2013 Guide to Selling Ukuleles

It’s tough trying to sell ukuleles in 2013. The selection of ukuleles gets more bloated every year. Recent new entrants include Eastman, Godin and Lâg Guitars, Moku and AmiAmi. Looking at Ukeeku and Ukulele Underground‘s coverage of the music trade show NAMM it’s clear it’s too late to put out a well-made, sweet-sounding ukulele and […]

KoAlana Boxset: Ukulele Window Shopping

This KoAlana Special boxset from KoAloha looks so great. The downside is that it seems like it will only be available in Thailand. 1928 National Style 2. 1929/1930 Gibson Poinsettia. Photos: – Ukulele Group – Ukulele Quartet – Griswold Trio – 1920 doll party

Ukulele Window Shopping

Gibsons: Two unusual Gibson ukes: Gibson TU-3, spruce tenor Gibson. But the classic style is clearly the best 20s Gibson Style 3. Ziva painted ukuleles. Electric ukes: RISA-inspired electric ukulele, Tear-shaped Vox electric (Thanks to Fred). Ko’olau Archback Slimline Tenor. Tiny Tim signed ukulele. Cigar box uke with a “license plate resonator”. Photos: Bessie Love, […]

Pete Howlett Firefly: Ukulele Window Shopping

I’ve been underwhelmed by the electric ukes I’ve tried but I’d certainly be willing to give this Pete Howlett Firefly Ukelectic a go. String Tinkers cigarbox ukes (and other instruments). Kickstarter for a plastic ukulele. Looks interesting but the minimum is more than I’d lay down on a Kickstarter. Plus it’s got a huge goal […]

TABU: Ukulele Window Shopping

It’s quite common to see ukes like this vintage Hawaiian ukulele being referred to as, “TABU ukuleles.” Which is understandable given that it’s often the only mark on the ukulele. But it’s actually a trade-mark for ukuleles made for ukuleles in Hawaii. It was instituted (according to The ‘Ukulele: A History) in 1916 after the […]

Aquila Red Strings: Ukulele Window Shopping

Aquila have got a new set of strings the red series. These are low-G but the G string is unwound (i.e. they don’t have the metal wrapped round) so it’s just like the other strings (other than being red). I’m going to have to get a set of these. I’m not a fan of the […]

Kala Resonator: Ukulele Window Shopping

Kala are doing a limited edition run of resonator ukuleles. Electric Tombo Ukelet from Japan This 40s Gretsch is nice but the case is fantastic. I’m not too keen on banjoleles, but I do quite like the idea of a ukulele-sized piccolo banjo. Photos: Psychotic clown, Deco swimsuit girl, Carthage, Missouri High School With Ukulele, […]

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