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Garfunkel and Oates – Year End Letter (Chords)

Garfunkel and Oates – Year End Letter (Chords) Jay Leno has sky rocketed in my esteem recently. Last week he had Victoria Vox on and yesterday it was Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome. The pair were premiering a new Christmas song and, as always, it was hilarious. More than deserving of a fast-track chording. Visit […]

John Denver/Ballard C Boyd – Christmas for Cowboys

Ballard C Boyd – Christmas for Cowboys (Chords) This is one of my all time faves – I think it’s hilarious and quite touching at the same time. And I think Ballard C Boyd‘s ukulele version (from his 2007 Christmas record Christmas with U) is even better than the original. So it’s that one that […]

Essential Christmas Ukulele Records

There’s some bloody awful music swishing around this time of the year and, inevitably, some of it’s played on the ukulele. But here are four that are well worth your time and money. Christmas with the Ukulele Orchestra Great Britain Everything you’d expect from a UOGB record: excellent musicianship, humour, a traditional English murder ballad […]

Uke Hunt’s 1,000th Post

Decorations are hanging in the street, people’s faces are lit up with cheer, kids are singing merrily in the streets. All of them waiting for that special day: the 1,000th post on this blog. It’s very flattering that the whole world has been brought together by the event. Unbelievably, those 1,000 posts have collectively been […]

Julia Nunes & Wade Johnson – Cold Outside (Chords)

Julia Nunes and Wade Johnson – Cold Outside (Chords) It really must be the season of good will to all. I have some trouble picturing Wade Johnson seducing Julia Nunes. He seems far too nice. Nowhere near oleagenous enough to sing this song. But it’s a nice simple version for the uke. The only tricky […]

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Tab)

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Tab) Hello, Bret. A wuzza wuzza. This is 1983 David Bowie. I’m I’m buried up to my neck in sand. Am I freaking you out? (You can’t tell – because it’s written down – but I’m doing a brilliant impression of Adam and Joe’s impression of FotC’s impression of David Bowie […]

Ukelilli: Saturday UkeTube

Doctor Who? is one of those things everyone loves and I don’t see the appeal of at all. The theme tune, on the other hand, I do love. And this week’s UkeTube is bookended by two takes on it – one from Ukelilli and one from WS64. Also this week Craig Robertson, Agathe, Arborea and […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

I think you can throw the ukulele in the skip, but the ukulele case in this lot is marvellous. It’s bashed, battered and scrawled on by a number of forgotten (as far as I know) vaudeville performers of the 1920s. Quick, add this Ko’olau 400 SP to my Christmas list. It is a very pretty […]

Denver Uke Fest 2010, Phredd: Friday Links

Official FotB (friend of the blog) Phredd has a new album out Phreddtastic. You can buy it here and grab a free mp3 here. U900’s Ukulele Ventures now available on Amazon (but still import only). Lineup for Denver Uke Fest 2010. VH1 report on the Beatles Complete on Ukulele. Disturbing dead IZ t-shirt (via Uke, […]

O Christmas Tree (Single Note Version) (Tab)

Oh Christmas Tree (Single Note Version)(Tab) MP3 Another melody notes plus chords Christmas tune. Must admit, I can’t stand this one. Strumming This bit is quite tricky. I’m using all down strums but you have to be careful how many strums you use. F = 6 down strums Gm = 2 down strums C7 = […]

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