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Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars) – Safe and Sound (Tab)

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars – Safe and Sound (Tab) Some suggested I do an instrumental cover of this one and my immediate – and correct – reaction was, “Hell no!” But the more I thought about it the more I fancied the challenge of marrying the guitar and vocal parts together on the […]

Ukulele Mythbusting

I might not have thirty years of special effects experience, but I still want to tackle a few myths and misconceptions I see crop up now and again. If you’ve got any you want to tackle, leave them in the comments. There’s only one way to play each chord The chords you see in chord […]

McFly – Love Is Easy (Chords)

McFly – Love is Easy (Chords) It’s been quite a while since I did any proper pop songs and risked hospitalisation. So this week I’m doing two. I never thought I’d write up a McFly song but: a) They’ve released a ukulele. b) It contains a diminished chord and is therefore beyond reproach. c) It’s […]

The Fall – Mansion (Tab)

The Fall – Mansion (Tab) The History of the Fall-feit: Back in 2009 I caved to pressure to write up Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. About an hour after that post went up I was laying unconscious on the floor with a head injury before being taken to hospital. (I’m leaving out the details in hope […]

Keston Cobblers’ Club: UkeTube

I absolutely love Keston Cobblers’ Club’s new album One, for Words. It’s the best British album of the year. (This one would have been close if the second half was as good as the first.) The Cobblers kick off this week’s selection looking much better dressed than usual in a session for Burberry. Joining them […]

Ukulele Arpeggiator: Friday Links

Gary Jugart has put together a great (and free) ebook of fingerpicking studies Ukulele Arpeggiator. I’ve really enjoyed playing through them. Here’s a video I made of one of the studies. The difficulty ranges from straightforward to very tricky. If you’re looking to improve your picking you’ve got to grab it. There’s a new DVD […]

Bob’s Burgers Theme (Tab)

Loren Bouchard – Bob’s Burgers (Tab) I’ve been without a TV for a long time. It’s only now that Netflix has come to the UK that I’ve been catching up on things. One show that passed me by until recently was Bob’s Burgers. Turns out it’s packed with ukulele music (by the man behind the […]

Songs With Chords You Know – Updated

Here’s an update of my list of songs with beginner level chords. So no matter how few chords you know you can still bash out a few songs. C, F and G If you prefer, you can use G7 in the place of G or vice versa for any of these songs. NeverShoutNever! – Your […]

Beirut/Caetano Veloso – O Leaozinho (Chords)

Beirut/Caetano Veloso – O Leãozinho (Chords) I would have put have put good money on Beirut cropping up on the new Tribute to Caetano Veloso album alongside Beck, Devendra Banhart and Seu Jorge. But we still have their cavaquinho cover of Veloso’s O Leãozinho. I based the chords on the Beirut version but the original […]

Ledward Kaapana, Valerie June: UkeTube

Hard to hear the music this week over all the names being dropped. Namecheckees – in descending order of awesome – include: blues-ukulelist Little Laura Dukes, God-child Jesus, particle-botherer Brian Cox and dog-judger Stacey Solomon. Full Playlist

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