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Two Years of Patreon

I started the Uke Hunt Patreon a couple of years ago and the support of Patreons has made a massive difference for the site. A huge thank you to all the backers It’s been a difficult couple of years for everyone and I deeply appreciate you choosing to support the site and keep the whole […]

The La’s – There She Goes (Tabs)

The La’s – There She Goes (Tab) Here’s a tab for The La’s’s massive (and only) hit There She Goes. Despite their one-hit-wonder status, they were massively influential and were the template for the Britpop fad that kicked off a few years later. This arrangement kicks off with the riff moved up to the key […]

Thank You for Being a Friend (Golden Girls Theme) (Tabs)

Andrew Gold – Thank You for Being a Friend (Tab) Here’s my take on the Golden Girls theme in tribute to Betty White. It’s a short and sweet tune with some nice chord moves. The only tricky part comes in the final few bars. Here you’re playing octaves on the C and A-strings while muting […]

The Fray – How to Save a Life (Tabs)

The Fray – How to Save a Life (Tabs) I’m back slightly later than planned thanks to slipping on some ice like a moron and fucking my back up good and proper. But I’m recovered and back in action with this tab of The Fray’s massive 2005 hit. The chorus for this one is insanely […]