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Pockets: Monday Exposure

PocketFox – No One Knows (MP3) Pockets – The Final Countdown (MP3) Pockets – A Fake (Ukulele Empire) (MP3) via Mmm… Fruity Me when first seeing this video: Hmmm, kazookeylele. Nice gimmick. We’ll never hear from him again. You can download a whole pile of his stuff (and as half of PocketFox) on Mmm… Fruity.

Ricky Rodriguez: Monday Exposure

Ricky Rodriguez – I Wouldn’t Call It Love (Live)(MP3) Ricky Rodriguez – BFF not GF (Live)(MP3) Ricky Rodriguez – Moustache (Live)(MP3) via One Night Music Ukulele? Check. Kazoo? Check. Song about facial hair? Check. Nerdy disposition? Check. Zeitgeist confirmed. Rush him through for a Monday Exposure. Visit Ricky Rodriguez’s photography site and One Night Music

Todd ‘Brother Sonny’ Baio: Interview

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Saturday UkeTube at all, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Todd. With him putting out a new CD, Odd Hill Music, it seemed the perfect time to pump him for more information. What can we expect from your new CD? “Odd Hill Music” is a collection […]

Wisdom Tooth: Monday Exposure

Wisdom Tooth – Twenty Sixty Four (MP3) Wisdom Tooth – Cathedral Park (MP3) Wisdom Tooth – I’ll Be Around If You Want to Talk (MP3) Via CLLCT I featured Wisdom Tooth a while back but, with her having a Google-proof name, I’d given up on hearing anything from her again. Luckily, Tinyfolk Tweeted to let […]

Arborea: Monday Exposure

Arborea – Beirut (MP3) One of the most pleasing aspects of the whole ‘New Weird America’ genre is that it’s made it okay to play instruments that aren’t guitar, bass or drums. It’s still labelled ‘weird’, of course, but there are an increasing number of bands stretching out the instrumentation. One such band is Arborea. […]

Lulu and the Lampshades: Interview

Crowdsourcing is the hot thing nowadays. So when I had to come up with some questions for Lulu and the Lampshades whilst laid up with a cold and with their PR guy giving me the bums’ rush, I tasked it to my Twitter followers. The response: I should ask them the Proust questionaire. Which is […]

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: Will Grove-White Interview

It’s been quite a year for the ukulele, but nothing so far has signalled the uke’s arrival quite like its acceptance into the The Proms (the UK’s most famous annual series of classical music concerts). Who could have imagined that the Proms would include a performance of Teenage Dirtbag on the ukulele? The only group […]

Miss Jess: Interview

When I first ran across Jessica Graves’s YouTube channel her lusty vocals immediately brought to mind Christina Marrs of the Asylum Street Spankers (she also has a hint of Neko Case at times). What I didn’t know was that she was one of the original members of Shorty Long together with a number of former […]

Hailey Wojcik: Interview

I first heard Hailey Wojcik when she did a session for Midnight Ukulele Disco. I got so excited Craig Robertson told me to calm down. But I still haven’t. So when I found out Hailey was releasing a new album, Diorama, I took the opportunity to fire a few questions at her. What can we […]

Southside Cemetery Choir: Monday Exposure

Southside Cemetery Choir – Raise the Dead/Raise a Family (MP3) Southside Cemetrry Choir – Weightlessly in Love (MP3) via Sleeping in the Aviary How could I resist featuring a band who call their debut album If We Bury You Ass Up, We’ll Have a Place to Park My Bike? Southside Cemetery Choir is a side […]

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