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Christmas List

Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year. SHUT THE FU©K UP, SANTA, I HAVE! In that vein, all my Christmas requests are entirely selfless and for the good of mankind. Low-G Ukulele: The people want tabs for low-G ukes, but it’s a pain in the arse trying to work out low-G tunes […]

Sam Hart (blinktwice4y) – Stoplight (Tab)

… and cancel Christmas. Or at least postpone the Christmas posts. There were a bunch of requests for this one after I featured in in the UkeTube, so here it is. The first thing to do tune down a whole step to F Bb D G. For the picking: thumb on (what used to be) […]

Galapaghost: Monday Exposure

Galapaghost – You’re All I Need (MP3) Galapaghost – Lost Generation (MP3) I’ve featured a couple of videos from Galapaghost. He has a great way with a tune. So I threw a few questions at, Mr Galapaghost, Casey Chandler and he was kind enough to bat them back to me. How would you describe the […]

U900 / The Ventures – Sleigh Ride (Tab)

U900 – Sleigh Ride (Tab) The adorable Japanese duo have put together a Christmas album. But they don’t stray away from Ventures territory with this one. The main melody on this one is played on a low-G ukulele with a pick. You can get away with using your fingers, but the low-G is a must. […]

Abbie Cardwell, Helen Arney: Saturday UkeTube

At Christmas we should spare a thought for people less fortunate than ourselves – I write about the ukulele for a living so everyone is less fortunate than me – and there are two excellent ways to do it. Helen Arney is recording a ukulele video every day this month and all she’s asking is […]

Riptide: Ukulele Window Shopping

Hard to find much to get excited about amongst the hundreds of Kala ukuleles that are hoping to be someone’s Christmas present. But one interesting newbie is the Riptide ukulele (made by Boulder Creek Guitars). It looks like the strangely placed soundholes that the more experimental ukulele makers have been using has filtered down to […]

Win a KoAloha, Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition 2009: Friday Links

You can win a KoAloha ukulele and help build schools in Cambodia on Nerd’s Eye View. Video from the 8th Annual Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition. Some unbelievable, crazy ukulele work going on. Todd’s doing a great series of turnarounds on the ukulele. Bid on a ukulele lesson from Victoria Vox for charity. And here’s […]

Silent Night (Single Note Version)(Tab)

Silent Night (Single Note Version)(Tab) MP3 Since it’s Christmas I thought I’d let you take a break from the tricky arrangements and I’d put up a couple of single note arrangements (along with easy chords) of a couple of Christmas tunes. For kids, newbies and people too drunk and bloated to play anything more complicated. […]

Christmas Carols for Ukulele by John King: Review

Christmas is coming fast and it’s time to start practicing a few tunes to entertain the family. With John King’s Classical Ukulele and Famous Solos and Duets for ‘Ukulele being the two best ukulele tab books around and his arrangements of Carol of the Bells and What Child Is This? being great, I felt pretty […]

Garfunkel and Oates – Present Face (Chords and Tab)

Garfunkel and Oates – Present Face (Chords) I’ve been patiently waiting to put this one up since seeing this video starring ‘thingamy off of Heroes‘ and ‘was he the one who was in My Name Is Earl once?’ I don’t know why they uploaded in January. Anyhoo, eleven months later it’s finally December and I […]

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