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Friday Links

New Releases – Spirit Runners (Kate McLennan and Noel Tardy) Choose Love. – New live album from UOGB Uke-Werk Live in Germany. And here they are being interviewed by Stefan Raab (in English). – Williwaw – another diversionette. Videos – Helen Arney sings a googol. – Vaudeville Entertainer Bobbie “Uke” Henshaw Plays His Ukulele (thanks […]

Mega Man 2 Flash Man Theme (Tabs)

Takashi Tateishi – Mega Man 2: Flash Man Theme I’ve always had a bias towards 80s game themes. Which I’ve taken to be partly because I did most of my gaming in the 80s and partly because 80s game music was much better. But the ever-interesting – even for non-gamers – Extra Credits had an […]

Ukulele Crosswords

For a bit of a lark and a time-waste I’ve put together a couple of ukulele-related crosswords. The first is ukulele-related stuff (uke parts, accessories, sizes etc.). And the second one you have to work out the surname (or last bit of their pseudonym in some cases) of various famous ukers. You can either do […]

She & Him – I Could’ve Been Your Girl (Chords)

She & Him – I Could’ve Been Your Girl (Chords) I’ve been enjoying the new She & Him album a whole lot since its release. I was originally going to write up the album’s ukulele song but went with this one instead because it’s great. Suggested Strumming Good with the old standby: d – d […]

Saturday UkeTube

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Friday Links

Peter Luongo is retiring as head of the Langley Ukulele Orchestra after over 30 years. He’s going to be replaced by his son, and mighty fine player, Paul Luongo. Watch – Episode 3 of Matt Kresling and his ukulele’s Madagascar Journals. This episode: lady troubles in Mozambique. This is a fantastic series. If you’re not […]

Molly Lewis – Open Letter to Stephen Fry (Tab and Chords)

Molly Lewis – Open Letter to Stephen Fry (Chords) Another free culture ukulelist ahead of Culture Freedom Day today. This time Molly Lewis and her blush-making song for Stephen Fry. Twiddly Bits The intro has a fine piece of picking. There’s also a strummed version of it which crops up later in the song. Links […]

The Ukulele Mixtape

The Ukulele Mixtape (Zip 59MB) Continuing this week’s celebration of free culture ukulelists ahead of Culture Freedom Day with a free ukulele mixtape. All the tracks are distributed under a Creative Commons license so you’re free to pass them along to anyone you think might enjoy them. And if you find anyone you like I […]

Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains (Chords)

Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains (Chords) It’s Culture Freedom Day on Saturday. It’s a day to celebrate artists who let others freely use, study, distribute and improve on their work. That’s particularly useful for anyone learning an instrument as it means you can pass around tabs and chord sheets, play their songs and put […]

Lessons I Learned from Bob Brozman

I’m on a little break at the moment (back on the 14th May) but I had to get a post up celebrating the music of Bob Brozman – who died last week – by listing just a few of the things I learnt from him. Brozman was a huge inspiration for me. So much so […]