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Summer Holiday

Time for my summer blog break. I’m going to make like a western swamp turtle and aestervate until the heat dies down. If you’re looking for some ukeing, check out my latest ebook Songs of the States tab ebook (on sale until the end of August). Or check out Blues Ukulele. And I’ll still be […]

Jake Shimabukuro, Dodie Clark: UkeTube

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Friday Links

I released a new tab ebook this week: Songs of the States. It has a bunch of fun songs to play (particularly the Monty Python theme). A huge thanks to everyone who has already bought it for supporting the site. I massively appreciate it. Ukuleles – Kinnard baritone ukulele. – Tin Guitar Ukelear Fusion. – […]

Great British Bake Off Theme (Tab for Ukulele Group)

Dear Points of View, When will the BBC realise I want to watch Great British Bake Off NOW?! Yours, Disgusted of Uke Hunt. The Olympics has pushed back Great British Bake Off (which is the Olympics to us fat people). So that gives you time to practice this arrangement of the theme. And never say […]

Songs of the States Tab eBook

What’s in it? Tab for: Aura Lee (AKA Love Me Tender) Battle Hymn of the Republic Hail to the Chief The Liberty Bell (AKA Monty Python Theme) Reveille Taps Yankee Doodle How Do I Buy It? Buy it on Gumroad for $9 until the end of August when the price goes up to $12. If […]

Rebecca Sugar – It’s Over, Isn’t It? (Steven Universe)(Chords)

Rebecca Sugar – It’s Over, Isn’t It (Chords) Another fantastic song from Rebecca Sugar. The songs seem to be getting more intricate each time. A pain in the arse for tabbing but a joy to listen to. But there are still plenty of Sugarisms you’ll recognise from other Steven Universe songs such as the prominent […]