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L’Orchestre National de Ukulélés: UkeTube

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Friday Links: New Elements, Handsome Ukuleles

Videos – Helen Arney updates Tom Lehrer’s The Elements to include the four new additions to the periodic table. – Folk guitar legend Martin Simpson discusses playing the ukulele (I tabbed out the tune he talks about and noodles with back here) (Via @ukeist). Ukes – aNueNue’s Koa Bird ukulele is very stylish. – As […]

Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why (Tab)

Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why (Tab) What a great melody this is. And it’s matched with some juicy jazz chords. Making it perfect for a ukeing. In case you’re not familiar with the repeat markings I use, you play up to “D.S. al Coda” go back to the squiggle in bar five, play up […]

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