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The White Stripes – Little Ghost (Chords)

The White Stripes – Little Ghost (Chords) It’s Halloween week on Uke Hunt to give you some time to work up tunes. But you probably won’t need that long to get this one together. It’s just three chords: A, D and E7. You can make it even easier if you use the no hassle way […]

Emilyn Brodsky, Ladybugs: UkeTube

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Friday Links: Tabs, Canada Hates Ukulele Anthem

Uke Hunt’s annual t-shirt release started this week. Pre-orders run until 26th October and you can get them in the US or in the UK. UPDATE: Both the UK and US t-shirt campaigns have hit their goal. So if you pre-ordered one you will be getting it. A massive thanks to everyone who has ordered […]

David Beckingham – Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer (Tab)

Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer (Tab) A very welcome new tab from David Beckingham. Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer is a WWII song by Adamson and McHugh. But David’s version is based on Joseph Spence’s incredible take on the tune. Links Buy the Jospeh Spence version David Beckingham on […]

Uke Hunt T-Shirts

It’s Uke Hunt t-shirt season again! Every year around this time I do a run of t-shirts. This year you can buy them from either the US or the UK: Pre-order now from US Pre-order now from the UK I’m using Teespring again this year. It is sort of a Kickstart for t-shirts. So you […]

Tom Waits – I Hope that I Don’t Fall in Love with You (Chords)

This is one of Waits’s folkiest and most affecting songs. It’s also very adaptable. Making it great for a mixed ability group. And if Tom Waits can sing it anyone can (except me). I’ve written it up in three levels of difficulty. Easy Version Tom Waits – I Hope that I Don’t Fall in Love […]

Tropic50, Hope and Social: UkeTube

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Friday Links: Madagascar, America’s Got Talent

There’s a new episode of my favourite travelogue Matt Kresling’s Madagascar Journals. This time he learns a Malagasy song on his ukulele, chooses between a girl and an exploding mountain and objects to a zebu being sodomised. This year’s America’s Got Talent was won by 12 year old ukulelist Grace VanderWaal. Ukulele Go! reviewed my […]

Sera Was Never (Dragon Age Inquisition)(Tab)

Raney Shockne – Sera Was Never (Tab) I do enjoy a good fake-Celtic game tune like Gwent Flute Song from Witcher 3. So when I got a request for this tune I couldn’t resist. I might make it a trilogy and do the Hearthstone theme at some point. Until then I’ll keep brushing up on […]

Chord Updates: ABBA, Bon Iver and Others

I’ve been updating some of the chord posts I did back in the olden days when the internet was in black and white. Updating the chords, adding strumming patterns, videos and audio and whatnot. Check ’em out: ABBA – Dancing Queen Arctic Monkeys – Despair in the Departure Lounge Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Tabs […]

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