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Haim – Want You Back (Chords and Tab)

Haim – Want You Back (Chords) It was Glastonbury the other weekend. The one time of year British music fans get the same value from the license fee as sports fans do all year. The standout performances I caught were Songhoy Blues (the whole show is here if you’re in the UK) and Haim. I’m […]

UkeTube: OK Computer Special

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Friday Links

New Releases – Debut solo record from Tobias Elof: Ukulele Meditation. As the title suggests, it’s more contemplative than his usual rapid-fire playing. But a very beautiful album. – Tasty Ukulele Songs by Crispy Jones Videos – The excellent PBS/BBC series American Epic (covering the earliest folk and roots music of the USA) has included […]

Radiohead – No Surprises (Tab)

Radiohead – No Surprises (Tab) I may have to return to OK Computer for another tabbing or two. Every song on the record is incredible. But No Surprises stuck out as the one that’s prime for a ukeing. In this arrangement I’ve tried to keep the fingerpicking riff going under the melody. Which works out […]

What it Takes to be a Good Ukulele Group Leader

A guest post today from Joshua Waldman. As well as leading the Tigard Ukulele Group he has just released a book How to Start and Grow a Ukulele Group (available in digital and paper form (affiliate links)). It’s by far the most comprehensive and inspiring I know of. Highly recommended if you’re starting or running […]

Radiohead – Lift (Chords)

Radiohead – Lift (1996 Version) (Chords) It’s the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer and they’re releasing an expanded version with outtakes including long-time fan favourite Lift. I had to write it up in anticipation. The chords are based on the incredible 1996 version rather than the dreary, and not in a good way, 2002 […]

Saturday UkeTube

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Friday Links: Ukulele in the Movies

In the Movies – Graham Jones’s film Sunshine Ukulele is about, “the impact of the internet upon music and movies.” Which makes the ukulele a perfect subject for it. You can watch the whole thing free on YouTube. – Zarha Lowzley’s scene playing her uke in Trainspotting 2. Window Shopping – Lichty Archtop U121. – […]

alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Tab)

alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Tab) There’s a new alt-J album out. And very good it is too. To celebrate here’s a tab of my favourite alt-J song Fitzpleasure. There’s a lot going on in this song (as with most alt-J songs). At first I thought I’d have to use multiple ukes to do it. But the […]

Best Videos of 2017 So Far

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