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My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade (Chords and Tab)

My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade(Chords) Starting off Halloween week with what might be the most pompous and overblown song I’ve ever tackled on here. But it does bear out the idea that any song with a strong melody will work on ukulele. With a little bit of tweaking it survives the […]

Jean Sibelius – Karelia Suite (Tab)

Sibelius – Karelia Suite (Tab) With the newly retired David Beckingham stepping up his tabbing, I’ve decided to make Mondays officially Beckingham Tab Day. And the inaugural post is his version of Sibelius’s Karelia Suite. I must admit to being entirely ignorant of this piece before David’s video. But according to Wikipedia Sibelius intended it, […]

UkeTube: The Helmsmen, Walk Off the Earth

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Friday Links: New Releases, Fancy Ukes

The Uke Hunt t-shirts have passed the minimum order so they’re going to get made. You can order them from the US or order them from the UK until 31st October. New Releases – Lil Rev has put together a delightful romp through various Americana styles on his latest album Sing Song Daddy. – Head […]

They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul (Tab)

TMBG – Birdhouse in Your Soul There is a lot going on in this song. Slate claims it has 18 key changes in it. But you have to be very generous to get that high. For the most part I think of the song being in C but using both C major and C minor. […]

Uke Hunt T-Shirts

It’s Uke Hunt t-shirt season again! Every year around this time I do a run of t-shirts. This year you can buy them from either the US or the UK: Pre-order now from US Pre-order now from the UK I’m using Teespring again this year. It is sort of a Kickstart for t-shirts. So you […]

Tom Petty – Free Fallin’ (Chords)

Tom Petty – Free Fallin’ (Chords) As well as being the obvious choice for a Tom Petty tribute, Free Fallin’ works very well on the ukulele. So well you only have to bother changing your fretting on the g-string. The C, E and A strings all ring though the chord changes. The only bit that […]

UkeTube: Ledward Kaapana, Tom Wilson

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Friday Links

I’m delighted to report that the Survivor Girl Ukulele Band smashed through its goal just an hour after the blog post about them went up. And they’re still going strong having passed $10,000. A huge thanks to everyone who pledged. And if you still want to pledge you can do so until 2nd October. Recently […]

David Beckingham – La Pas Ma La/Watermark (Tab)

Ernest Hogan – La Pas Ma La (Tab) Great news for those of us who are big fans of David Beckingham’s tabs: he’s recently retired and is hoping to make even more of them. Congratulations to Dave and I hope he has a blast in his retirement. He’s sent me two new tabs. The first […]

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