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Malcolm Young’s Unmistakable Groove

This is a guest post by Daniel from Aloha Akademie. It original appeared on his blog in German but he was kind enough to adapt an English version for us. Malcolm Young´s unmistakable groove and what you can learn from his style for your playing To all of you who haven´t heard of Malcom Young, […]

Loundon Wainwright III – Suddenly It’s Christmas (Chords)

Loudon Wainwright III – Suddenly it’s Christmas (Chords) Loudon has a great line in exasperated Christmas songs and Suddenly it’s Christmas is my favourite. The track first appeared on the Career Moves album. But I’ve written up the ukulele version released as a single a few years ago. The song is in the not so […]

UkeTube: nico’o, Karla Kane, Jake Shimabukuro

Full Playlist Tracklist nico’o & the Kapiolani Boyz – Surf y Tequila Gerald Ross – Ticket To Ride Karla Kane – King’s Daughters Home For Incurables EmiSunshine – Think Of Me Jake Shimabukuro – Galloping Seahorses Hannah Mae and the Hoodwinks – This Love Wilfried Welti – Hoboecken Dans DYAN – Set of Pieces

Game Tabs: Cuphead, Burly Men at Sea, Everybody’s Gone…, Life is Strange

I’ve built up a hefty backlog of game tabs. So this post is splurging them all in one go. If that’s not enough for you, there are more game tabs and chords here. Cuphead: Don’t Deal with the Devil Kristofer Maddigan – Don’t Deal with the Devil (Tab) Cuphead is the most hyped game of […]

Christmas Tabs and Chords

We’re about a month out from Christmas so time to start polishing up the festive tunes and learning a few new ones. Here’s a rundown of everything Christmassy on the site. Christmas eBooks I’ve written 3 collections of easy Christmas tabs: How to Play Christmas Ukulele, Christmas Ukulele 2 and Christmas Ukulele 3. You can […]

Lyle Lovett – God Will (Chords)

Lyle Lovett – God Will (Chords) I absolutely love Lyle Lovett’s understated humour. And he’s written some of my all time favourite songs. So it’s well past time I wrote up one of his songs. Suggested Strumming God Will is in 3/4 time. Here’s a 3/4 time strum you can use almost all the way […]

Elton John – Song for Guy (Tab)

Elton John – Song for Guy (Tab) David Beckingham is currently on a road trip. But that hasn’t stopped him filing a tab. This time a mostly instrumental piece from Elton John dedicated to a young employee of his who died in a motorcycle accident. David plays it with his thumb and index finger only. […]

UkeTube: Alison Krauss, Ian Whitcomb

Full Playlist Playlist Alison Krauss – Away Down The River Via Humble Baritonics Led Kaapana – Nani Ka’ala Ian Whitcomb – Hungry Women Thanks to Vincent. Tyrone and Lesley – Dung Beetle Avonlea – Stranger Does bass ukulele count? The Ladybugs – Quizás, Quizás, Quizás Daniel Estrem – Bourree from Partita 3 Choan Gálvez – […]

Friday Links

A while back (quite a long while back now) I totalled up the chords in the songs I’d written up to find the most common ukulele chords. Now Uke Stuff have made a similar list. There are plenty of interesting similarities and differences. But I’m pleased to see the Pareto distribution remains. Easy Ukulele Songs […]

Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill (Tab)

Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill Fats Domino’s version of Blueberry Hill perfectly shows off the roots of rock and roll. He plays the driving boogie-woogie and has blues riff bassline. But the song itself is a country song first released by Gene Autry. So you have this sweet, major key country melody rubbing up against […]

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