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Suicide is Painless (MASH Theme) (Tab)

Johnny Mandel – Suicide is Painless (Tab) This song has quite a story behind it. When working on the MASH movie Robert Altman attempted to come up with, “the stupidest song ever written,” for the funeral scene. But failed to come up with something suitably idiotic. But told the movie’s composer Johnny Mandel, “All is […]

Choan Galvez – Nana para Greta (Tab)

Choan Gálvez – Nana para Greta (Tab) Choan Gálvez has a new album coming out this week: Lullabies for Astronauts. Like his last record, the album comes with uke tabs for all the tunes. And Choan was kind enough to let me post the tab to one of the pieces here. I enjoyed the tune […]

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Chords and Tab)

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Chords) With the release of the latest game in the Life is Strange series, they continue to pander to my musical taste. Making it time to add a couple more to my collection of songs from the series. I have covered the intro for LiSztomania. But I wanted to expand that out […]

UkeTube: Andy Eastwood, Chas and Dave, Tricity Vogue

Watch on YouTube Playlist Andy Eastwood – Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme) Tricity Vogue’s All Girl Swing Band – Don’t Bring Lulu Natasha Ghosh – Fake Love / I Need U The Croonaders – Blue Grass Chas & Dave- Wonder Where He Is Now? Julián Rodríguez – Tinta Roja (Via @ukeist Doctor Guapo – 12th St. Rag […]

Friday Links: UBass Lawsuit, T-Shirt Snafu, Tiny Heads

I screwed up the t-shirt launch earlier this week. I managed to launch the US campaign with only the women’s tee. I’ve got it fixed and you can pre-order the men’s/unisex tee from US here. And you can still get the shirt distributed from the US here. Kala has filed a UBass trademark lawsuit. Ukulele […]

ABBA – Mamma Mia (Group Tab)

I decided to write up this song after it cropped up in my post on augmented chords. And it quickly became obvious it would have to be a group arrangement. It’s impressively constructed. For most arrangements I can remove a few bits without losing too much. But all the parts here seem essential to the […]

Uke Hunt T-Shirts

It’s Uke Hunt t-shirt season again! Every year around this time I do a run of t-shirts. This year you can buy them from either the US or the UK: Pre-order now from US Pre-order now from the UK I’m using Teespring again this year. It is sort of a Kickstart for t-shirts. So you […]

Frank and Nancy Sinatra – Somethin’ Stupid (Chords and Tab)

Frank and Nancy Sinatra – Somethin’ Stupid (Chords) Last week’s Better Call Saul had an excellent ukulele version of Something Stupid by Lola Marsh. They discussed the track at length on the Insider Podcast and revealed it was commissioned for the show. Explaining why it fits so well. Down to the stereo split of the […]

Stefan Grossman – Mabel’s Dream (Tab)

David Beckingham – Mabel’s Dream A new arrangement by David Beckingham. This time a tune originally recorded by King Oliver’s Jazz Band in 1923. But David’s version leans more towards Stefan Grossman’s Links Buy Stefan Grossman’s version David Beckingham on YouTube More David Beckingham tabs

UkeTube: Aerosmith, Feng E, Victoria Vox

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Feng E – Silence in the Storm Victoria Vox – Sound of Silence João Tostes & Vinícius Vivas – Brasileirinho Molly Lewis – Pantsuit Sasquatch Aerosmith, The Roots & Jimmy Fallon – Walk This Way MARLOWE and MATTHEW – My Favorite Part Eden Kai – Imagination Herman Vandecauter – Valse nr.1 […]

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