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Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (Tabs)

Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (Tabs) Today’s tab comes courtesy of Nicolas Fingerstyle Ukulele. He has a great channel and I highly recommend checking it out. This arrangement uses low-G tuning. And it’ll need some readjustments to transfer to high-g. But in either tuning the chord changes are tasty. Particularly bars 17-18 (the fourth […]

Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends (Tab)

Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends (Tab) Thanks to Patron Jeff for suggesting this one. It transfers to ukulele very nicely and is in the same key as the original. It’s mostly played with thumb and two finger picking. But there’s strumming when things get rowdy in the second verse and at […]

Twin Peaks Theme (Tab)

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme (Tab) Finishing off this bonus Patreon week with a request from Taras. A fitting request since this week sees the 30th anniversary of Twin Peaks. Other than some thumb action in bars 27 and 28, I’m using one finger per string picking all the way through. And thanks to […]

Bill Withers – Lean On Me (Tab)

Bill Withers – Lean On Me (Tab) It was so sad to hear of the death of Bill Withers last weekend. He always filled with such warmth it’s hard not to love him. For my little tribute I went with Lean On Me. It has such a strong melody that I kept the arrangement very […]

Lizzo – Truth Hurts (Tab)

Lizzo – Truth Hurts (Tab) Starting up the Uke Hunt Patreon has really lit a fire under me to do some tabs. So much so, this is an extra week of tabs to ease the backlog a little. Starting with a request from Patron Daniel who wanted a Lizzobanger. This arrangement uses a few elements […]

UkeTube: Del Rey, Desirée Dawson

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Vinícius Vivas – There Will Be Some Changes Made Bridge City Sinners – Song of the Siren Desirée Dawson – All In Del Rey – Be Sweet To Me Ukulollo – Once Upon A Time In The West BananaCactus – Cherry Elisabetta e Alessandro – Nina si voi dormite Choan Gálvez […]

Friday Links: Easy Chords and Challenging Licks

Live ‘Ukulele has a collection of “80 easy ‘ukulele songs for beginners with 3 or 4 chords”. Vinícius Vivas has started a series of finger-twisting licks in his Toca aí! series that you can see demonstrated on his Instagram. Lil Rev is doing a series of free online ukulele classes on Mead Public Library’s Facebook. […]

Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again (Tab)

Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again (Tab) I was inspired to do a version of this Ross Parker and Hughie Charles classic after hearing Sophie Madeleine’s ukulele cover being used as the backing for a COVID-19 video that’s been doing the rounds. The arrangement isn’t very taxing but there are a few jazz chords you […]

Five Tips for Playing Live Ukulele

Today’s post comes from Brazilian ukulele virtuoso João Tostes. He’s one of the top ukulele players in the world in my estimation. So it’s a huge pleasure to have him on. João has a new live album out called Live Ukulele: Here, There & Everywhere which you can find on Spotify, Apple Music and other […]

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