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Nico/Jackson Browne – These Days (Tabs)

Nico – These Days (Tabs) These Days has been covered many times by acts including Elliott Smith and St Vincent. Even Miley did an excellent version. Drake, not so much. But the song was written by Jackson Browne and first released by Nico. This arrangement is based on Nico’s version rather the more laid-back Jackson […]

Uke Hunt is Fifteen

Uke Hunt turned 15 years old a few months ago. Meaning it’s lasted 14 years longer than I expected. According to WebMD a 15 year olds may, “Get taller and more muscular.” Which is something to look forward to. A massive shoutout to everyone who has generously supported the site via Patreon over the last […]

R.E.M. – Man on the Moon (Tabs)

R.E.M. – Man on the Moon (Tab) I tabbed R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion a while back. So high time I did a song from their follow-up Automatic for the People: Man on the Moon Intro: Plenty of room to play around with ideas in the intro. I’m just picking out notes from a few chord […]

Joe Hisaishi – Summer (from Kikujiro) (Tabs)

Joe Hisaishi – Summer (Tab) Joe Hisaishi is a prolific film composer (I only realised while researching this post that he scored a movie I watched while working on this piece). But he’s best known for his scores for the Studio Ghibli films and for Takeshi Kitano. Summer comes from one of Kitano’s gentler movies: […]

Choan Gálvez – Brevity for Anita (Baritone Tab)

Choan Gálvez – Brevity for Anita (Tab) Today we have a guest post from Choan Gálvez with a piece from his latest book. Here are his notes: ‘Brevities‘ is a collection of short solo pieces for baritone ukulele aimed at the intermediate fingerpicker. In this set Choan Gálvez profits from the extended range, the sustain, […]

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know (Tabs)

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know (Tab) Here’s my take on Keane’s mega-hit Somewhere Only We Know. Intro: All down-strums here to give an authentic dad-rock feel. Verse and Pre-Chorus: Switching to fingerpicking using a one-finger-per-string set up. Chorus: Adding some strums here on the Em chord and picking more heavily than before. You can […]

Friday Links: RIP Rick Turner

Rick Turner, luthier and maker of the Compass Rose uke, has passed away. You can read fellow luthier Beau Hannam’s obituary for him here. And you can watch him playing some Django on one of his own ukes here. – The Ukulele 2022 playlist is taking shape. With tracks from hip youngsters with a laissez […]

Ukulele Clubs and Groups in the UK and Ireland

View Ukulele Clubs and Groups in a larger map For the last 12 years I’ve been keeping list and a map of all the ukulele clubs I’ve been told about. In that time, the list of UK groups has got unusably large. And, in a possibly related matter, I’ve been having technical problems with the […]

The Monkees – Daydream Believer (Tabs)

The Monkees – Daydream Believer (Tab) Daydream Believer by The Monkees is fairly straightforward to play. The biggest challenges are a few quick hops up the neck. The trickiest one coming in the shift between bars 8 and 9. Other than that, it’s all familiar chord shapes and a simple but insanely catchy melody. The […]

Foo Fighters – My Hero (Tabs)

Foo Fighters – My Hero (Tab) In tribute to Taylor Hawkins: My Hero by Foo Fighters. The song starts off with a bit of dissonance between the Ab on the E-string and the open A string. The Ab also provides dissonance as the first note in the chorus melody (bar 16). My first arrangement contained […]

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