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Bushman Ukuleles

Bushman started life as a retailer of musical instruments rather than a maker (and they still do sell instruments by other makers) and focussed mainly on harmonicas. More recently, they have started to make their own ukuleles and launched their ukuleles in 2005 and it has become a big success.

Bushman have two main ranges: the Bushman Cedar Tone and the Bushman Jenny. They are very similar instruments. Of the two, the Cedar Tone is slightly more expensive. Cedar Tones start at around $220, whereas Jennys start around $200. Both are made in Asia and finished and set up in the US

Bushman themselves describe the Bushman Jenny as having a, "brighter, punchy tone," while the Bushman Cedar Tone has a, "warmer, darker, more mellow tone."

Both instruments are solid wood: Brazilian Mahogany for the Jenny and the Cedar Tone has a cedar top (well, duh) and rosewood back and sides. Which is very nice considering the price.

Bushman did have two entirely American made sets of ukulele: the Bluebird and the Homegrown. Both seem to have disappeared from their website.

Bushman should also be congratulated for seeing sense and supplying their ukes with good quality strings (Aquila) as standard.

On Video

Bushman ran a contest last year with the prize of a ukulele for the best video. It was won by Julia Nunes and this was her reaction. I think she was pleased.

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