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Ukulele Window Shopping

Some stiff competition for my affections this week: Les Reitfors concert, Kumalae Style 5, 1928 tenor Gibson, Jose Do Espirito ukulele. But for this week, it’s not a ukulele I want. It’s this strange, jumbo tenor guitar thing. (Over-Keyworded) Pictures: 3 Handsome Ukulele Banjo Boy Pretty Girls Ocean Grove, ukulele pretty teen girl, 2 boys

Kala Ukadelic, New Flukes, New Martins: Ukulele Window Shopping

The Kala’s Ukedalic range has hit Amazon with the Plaid, Tiki and Paisley models. Equally (*tries to think of a nice way of saying garish*) eye-catching new designs for the Flea and Fluke: Island Fluke, Atomic Fluke, Aloha Plum Flea. Plus the Firefly banjo ukulele. Martin are releasing 6 new models. Full specs can be […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

I’ve had my eye on RISA’s Les Paul style electric ukes for a while but I think the Mahogany version might tip me over the edge. My favourite part of vintage uke auctions is the cases. Check out this Martin’s case. This SS Stewart taropatch would be great restored. But two and a half grand […]

Tessie O’Shea’s Banjolele: Ukulele Window Shopping

Tessie O’Shea‘s ukulele: Gibson Model UB-5. It’s already been sold but this Gibson Ukulele UKE 2 would make a nice consolation. Photos: Costumed Musician, Boy playing ukulele, UKULELE in BED w BABY!. If you happen to see some suspiciously cheap Ohana baritone resonators be aware they might be stolen.

Cox’s Coconut Ukulele: Window Shopping

I’ve always associated coconut ukuleles with tacky tourist ukes. But here’s a Cox’s Cocolele from 1937; the year it was invented. You can see the patent here. Turns out old Coxy didn’t intend them as a cheap souvenir but a vast improvement over the heretofore crappy sounding ukulele. Heretofore ukeleles have been made of mahogany, […]

Bamboo: Ukulele Window Shopping

As wonderful as they are, there’s no doubt that mahogany and koa are not environmentally concious choices. Bamboo on the other hand is “one of the most eco-friendly building materials there is”. So it’s heartening to see a trend for bamboo ukuleles. Cordoba have been on board for a while. Tall Grass have one. Kiwaya […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

Three chances to buy ukuleles handled by the greats this week: – Lewis Fine Resophonic Ukulele is up for auction at Bonhams (via Ukulelia – I agree with them, the estimate seems very low). – John King’s 5 string Giussani> (although it wasn’t used for the Jumpin’ Jim “classicle ukulele” book as claimed – that […]

Ukulele Jukebox: Ukulele Window Shopping

You might have seen videos of the automated ukulele player. You can now join George Harrison and the bloke who directed The Goonies in the elite group of owners and buy one on eBay. A pair of fine custom ukuleles: William King sopranino and Mike DaSilva soprano. The MUKUDO: headless electric tenor ukulele (Thanks to […]

Jake Shimabukuro Signature Kamaka: Ukulele Window Shopping

No doubt about the hottest uke item on eBay this week: a Kamaka Jake Shimabukuro Signature ukulele. In 2006 Kamaka announced they’d be making 100 ukes to Jake’s specifications, individually tested by him and with his signature. And they were going to decide who gets them by lottery. The seller obviously isn’t a player and […]

Flea Banjolele: Ukulele Window Shopping

A couple more interesting videos from NAMM 2011. Epiphone are bringing out an official Les Paul ukulele but that guy is so annoying I’m already striking it from my want-list. Much more likeable are the Beloffs with their Flea banjo-uke and (from around 4:25) the solid-body electric Fluke. Kerri Char custom tenor. Photo: Women with […]

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