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Christmas Tabs and Chords

If you’re looking for some Christmas tunes to get your teeth into, have a go of these: Chords 12 Days of Christmas A Christmas Duel – The Hives and Cyndi Lauper All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey Christmas for Cowboys – John Denver/Ballard C Boyd Cold Outside – Julia Nunes & […]

Uke Hunt Podcast #11: Emily Scott

Podcast Powered By Podbean Download Podcast #11 Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS Uke Hunt Podcast #11 in your face. After a bit of break, the podcast is back in style this month. It features an incredible session from Emily Scott. I don’t want to play favourites with all the people who’ve taken the time […]

Uke Hunt’s 1,500th Post

Yes, this is post number 1,500. And it’s just a mish-mash of stuff that reaching that milestone brought to mind. If you’ve got any thoughts on any of these, leave a comment or send an email. I’d like to know what you think and which direction you’d like to see things go over the next […]

Uke Hunt Podcast #10

Podcast Powered By Podbean Download Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS Podcast #10 in your face. The Uke Hunt podcast hits double figures and Bossarocker takes time off from being the saviour of North Manchester FM to bring you a bunch of tracks from familiar acts like Craig Robertson, Uke’s Not Dead and David Leach; […]

Ukulele for Dummies Reviews

The book I wrote, Ukulele for Dummies is out now in the US and in Canada. You can find full details of what’s in the book here but if you’ve got any questions, ask away in the comments or by email. It’s been out in the UK for just over a month and has been […]

Ukulele for Dummies

Back when I first started the blog I would bemoan the lack of beginner ukulele books. The situation has improved since then. But I still felt like there wasn’t a definitive book that covered all the important aspects of ukulele playing – particularly the way the ukulele is being played currently. Last year the people […]

Uke Hunt is Four

Yes, Uke Hunt is four years old. I’ll forgo the usual self-indulgent post and do a quick look back at the last twelve months on the blog and in the ukulele world. Stats My mind continues to be blown by the number of people who visit. In the last year there have been 3.4 million […]

Uke Hunt Podcast #7

Podcast Powered By Podbean Download the podcast The April 2011 edition of the Uke Hunt podcast features flamenco ukulele from Herman Vandercauter, drizzly jazz from Patsy Monteleone, folktronica from Substitute Sandwiches and plenty more besides. If you want to submit your stuff or – if you can get to Manchester – set up a session, […]

Ukulele Barre Chords and Inversions – Bosko’s CAGFD System

There’s more than one way to play any chord. You can find different versions of every chord up and down the neck (known as ‘chord inversions’). And it’s well worth using them. Playing different inversions makes any song more interesting. Particularly if you’re playing with other ukuleles. Having different people play different inversions will open […]

Irish Ukulele Tabs and Chords

Back in 2008 when I first did an Irish tabs post I was wondering why there wasn’t any ukulele scene in Ireland. But I’m proud that post helped kick off Ireland’s ukulele group and festival and there seems to be a lot of ukulele interest over there now. If you’re looking for some Irish music […]

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